Biking Buenos Aires

Parks & Plazas

Caba 5 hours

Searching for a biking experience a little more relaxing than those that take you smack through the middle of the chaotic city center? Look no further! On this leisurely ride, you pedal through the lusciously green parks and plazas in the north of the city, which will leave you feeling refreshed and intrigued.

We’ll meet in chic Palermo Hollywood and guide you along swan-filled lakes and wide boulevards, past monuments and statues with strange and mysterious pasts, amongst sweet-smelling roses, under thick tree canopies, get up close and personal to the city’s deceased elite and most importantly, finish in style at the no-nonsense Antigourmet with some delicious drinks and some great food! We leave at 2pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from La Esquina Antigourmet. Come cycling with us!

2102, Doctor Emilio Ravignani, Las Cañitas, Comuna 14, Palermo, CABA, C1424CER, Argentina, Caba, Buenos Aires Get directions
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