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Grains & Grapes Hunter Valley Brewing Experience

Sydney 4 hours 30 minutes

Discover local beer and get behind the scenes at 2 breweries and have a wine tasting session at Australia's first Urban Winery. On this tour of Sydney's breweries, you visit two awesome breweries and have a bonus wine tasting session at Australia's first Urban Winery. Which breweries we visit on the day does change, not all places are open every day and these beer tours are all about timing and providing a good mix of places, people, beers and wine. Urban Winery Sydney is a fully functioning, city based commercial winery, with a cellar door located in the heart of Sydney. It is a commercial winery that processes at least 50 tonnes of grapes annually. Taste directly from the barrel, learn all about making wine in town and enjoy as we sit back and explore their range.


Urban Winery Sydney: Australia's first truly Urban Winery, everything from crushing and fermenting, to barrelling and bottling, it all happens in the St. Peters location. The city heart of the A. Retief wine label, and bringing a little of Bordeaux to Sydney, Urban Winery uses the finest NSW Cold Climate grapes to create wines with rustic distinction. Willie the Boatman: Started in 2012, Willie the Boatman beers are brewed on ex dairy equipment, repurposed for brewing the delicious amber liquid known as beer. Pat, Nick, Joel and the gang at Willie's do a fantastic job of creating beers with plenty of character. Rocks Brewing Company: Led by fifth and sixth generation convict descendants, the guys behind The Rocks Brewing Company have thrown their everything into setting up one of the most advanced breweries in town. Explore the brewhouse and get up close to their brewing equipment as you sample beers straight from the tank.


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