Dive Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty Undersea Walk

Busselton 2 hours 30 minutes

Be amongst the very first to experience this amazing tour! Its the first of its kind in the world! Using world-leading high-tech dive helmets out of the USA our friendly team of expert dive professionals will take you down beneath the waves to walk the ocean floor and experience the underwater world for yourself. Its fun, easy and very safe. Get up very close & personal with truly amazing sea creatures and stunningly colourful corals amongst the massive pylons beneath the 150 year old Busselton Jetty. It’s a magical, eerie, wonder-filled place to visit, surrounded by fascinating marine life.

Can I do this tour?

If you can walk & breath unaided you can likely do this tour. People of all shapes & sizes aged from 12 to 70+ are welcome, regardless of swimming ability or fitness level or previous diving experience. Breath normally walking underwater in your dive helmet, without a regulator or snorkel in your mouth, your face dry & your glasses on if you so choose! Its very safe too – SeaTrek have conducted 2,500,000 tours to date with just one single accident claim. One of the main reasons for this level of safety is when you are underwater, one dive instructor looks after a maximum of two undersea walkers.

(All tours using compressed air require participants to complete a self-assessment form that gets you looking through medical conditions of concern that may prevent you from doing the tour. If you have a history of any medical conditions listed, you will need to get a GP to clear you to participate in the activity before you arrive for your tour.)

Tour Information:

• Tours run most days from December to April, please confirm the start time of your tour when you book.

• Tours run from the Universal Access Platform at the deep end of the Jetty which is 1.7kms out to sea - its about 100m back towards shore from the Underwater Observatory at the very end of the Jetty.

• To get to your tour departure point, either walk out to the end of the Jetty (allow 25-30 mins) or phone and book yourself a ticket on the Busselton Jetty Train. If catching the train, please book your seat(s) well beforehand and make sure your train is scheduled to arrive at the Underwater Observatory at least 5 minutes BEFORE the scheduled start time for your tour.

• Please allow up to 2.5 hours for your Undersea Walk tour, including briefing, gearing up, ~25 minutes underwater & debrief, watching other divers into and out of the water, photos review at end etc. In total please allow up to 3 hours for your visit to the Busselton Jetty, from departing from shore to returning to shore.

• Dive helmet, wetsuit, footwear, all briefings provided. SharkShields™ on hand to minimise the risk of marine predators during your tour. Photos, fish-feeding and snorkel gear hire before or after your tour optional upgrades.

• Please come for your tour already wearing your bathers. Also bring towel, hat, sunscreen, water & a warm top on windy days, (and credit card for tour photos too - these can be truly spectacular!)

If you have ever wanted to experience our amazing underwater world for yourself, a Sea-Trek Undersea Walk is the tour for you.

Busselton Visitors Centre, Queen Street,, Busselton, WA, Australia, AU, Busselton, Western Australia Get directions
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