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The Best Staff Incentive Gift Ideas to Send in Isolation

The Best Staff Incentive Gift Ideas to Send in Isolation

It feels like the world flipped upside down overnight. The impacts of COVID19 are being felt all over the world. With so many businesses shut down, those of us that can keep the wheels turning from home are extremely lucky. 

While we have kept our jobs, there has never been a harder time to work from home. Singles accustomed to the hustle and bustle of an office find it hard to switch on or off. While young families struggle to juggle work with homeschooling commitments and energetic children running around the house.

Many employees have faced this challenge and delivered - despite the tough circumstances. Unfortunately, acknowledging their hard work with office cheers and a hand-delivered gift is no longer an option. So how do we reward, motivate and retain our employees while working from home? 

In this article we will reveal the employee incentive trends we are seeing at Gifting Owl, as well as how you can continue supporting and motivating your hard-working team during this time. 

Employee Gift Ideas to Excite & Motivate Your Team

It’s been 120 days since COVID-19 reared its ugly head and at least 2 months of restrictions and self-isolation for most nations around the world. The time for buying and delivering physical gifts has been and gone. Not only is it unsafe to be touching and delivering parcels, but it can often be really hard to know what to buy an employee or team member. 

Many are already predicting a huge surge in experiences post COVID-19. At Gifting Owl we are thrilled to see an increase in companies buying experience gifts to incentivise and motivate their staff during COVID19. 


Here’s why Gifting Owl experience gifts are becoming so popular with companies during COVID19 - 

1. We always want what we can’t have

Ah, the good old days of spontaneously hitting balls at the local driving range, or heading to our favourite restaurant for a delicious dining experience. It seems like a lifetime ago now that we took for granted those little pleasures in life. And the longer we are at home helping fight against the spread of COVID-19, the more we want what we can’t have. 

Unlike a major retailer gift card, buying an experience gift on Gifting Owl will excite your staff and have them dreaming of their next adventure.

2. No contact instant delivery

I’m sure there’s enough on your plate to be left worrying about shipping times or community transmission. Enjoy instant digital gift delivery via email, sms or WhatsApp. Choose to send the experience gift to them at the time of purchase, or schedule it to send on a particular day and time. 

For those wanting to add a personal touch, you’ll have the chance to write a note of thanks to your colleague at the checkout. 

3. Full flexibility and less risk 


With 3 years worldwide validity, you have peace of mind knowing that once this is all over, your staff will be able to book a trip and use their gift wherever they like. That’s right - Gifting Owl has over 12,000 experiences and suppliers spread across 115 countries. So chances are there will be an experience they can book either locally or on their next overseas trip.

4. Supporting tourism


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to travel. Whether it be to their favourite interstate city, or to the same Indonesian surf break they’ve gone to every year. No matter what type of traveller you are, the industry that you rely on for leisure and enjoyment is hurting. 


Buying a gift voucher is a commitment to visiting a tourism operator once the COVID-19 threat has passed. Not only is it the only way we can financially support tourism at this time, but your support also reminds operators that you’re ready to visit them as soon as you can. 


Finally - well done for adapting so quickly to our new world and finding new ways to motivate and recognise your team during COVID19. 


Stay safe!

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