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Private Quito Legends and Culture Tour

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Once you meet your friendly local guide, head to one of the most important places for locals, the Central Market of Quito. Every kiosk tells a story and you’ll learn about local culture and customs, as well as the country’s economy, as you visit various vendors. Here you can buy medicinal plants for everything from stomach bugs to finding the love of your life! Explore colourful stalls bursting with tropical fruits and chat with smiling juice bartenders, who will invite you to try their secret recipe for hangovers, or “chuchaqui” in local slang. Next, explore the largest and best-preserved old town in South America. See Independence Plaza, where the Spanish city of Quito was born in the 16th century and many Ecuadorian revolutions started. Take in the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Government Palace and learn the roles they’ve played in Ecuador’s rich history. There are lots of legends to be found, and you’ll hear all the tales of this fascinating city. Make a stop for a sweet treat at a traditional ice cream shop, where you’ll get to make your own ice cream using uniquely South American ingredients. Next, see the Jesuit church of La Compañía de Jesús, one of the jewels of South America. Built in the early 17th century, the church’s façade is carved entirely out of volcanic stone and the interior is covered in gold leaf. Explore the old University of San Gregorio as you continue walking the ancient streets. You’ll have the option to climb the towers of San Francisco Church, one of the oldest churches in the city, to reach a lookout that’s worth all the stairs. Finally, your tour ends at the enchanting La Ronda, a street that has become one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

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