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Private Athens Street Art & Culture Walking Tour

Athens 3 hours

Have you ever thought that the word graffiti could be Greeker than one might believe? Wanna have a taste of the undercover artistic scene found in the city? Follow us on an alternative walking tour that focuses on the exploration of the street art movement existing in the city centre of Athens, a mecca of street artists from around the world. Discover neighbourhoods and historical spots of the city at non-touristy locations, experience the local culture and get to know how modern street art interacts with historical buildings of the city and ultimately reflects the modern Greek culture.


The perfect way to explore the secrets behind the Athenian graffiti scene Visit fascinating spots of historical interest that have shaped the modern Greek identity An enthusiastic local guide will introduce you to the Athenian street art culture View mural art by iNO, WD and other well-known street artists


Through a 3-hour private tour led by an expert on the subject, enthusiastic local guide you will learn the history & origins of this underground global phenomenon and how it operates in Athens. Dig deeper into the “secret codes” of street artists as you enjoy an alternative tour in Athens' centre. Together, we will wander around the small streets of up and coming neighbourhoods of Athens, while discussing their interesting background and the reasons why street art has flourished on their walls. We are going to focus on the social and political aspects of the Greek street art scene. What political statements are the artists making and why? How did the financial crisis urge people to express themselves on the streets? Graffiti changes rapidly in the streets of Athens, which is turning into a big contemporary art gallery -if you know where to look! Athens is a multicoloured city and if you are keen on exploring it in an alternative way and experiencing its local culture & pieces of modern history, this walking tour is perfect for you.


3 hour private Athens Street Art & Culture tour Local guide Complimentary hotel pick up on foot if located downtown All taxes and VAT

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