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Venice Overnighter: 1 Night Accommodation for Two

Venice 1 day

Famous for its intricate network of canals and waterways and vibrant mix of art and culture, Venice is one of the world‚Äôs most popular destinations. The unique waterborne nature of the city makes a trip to Venice an exciting, iconic experience for all travellers.   

During the 13th and 14th century, Venice was one of the wealthiest trading posts in Europe and even today many of the historic buildings and landmarks from this time remain standing. Strict historical preservation laws mean that visitors walking the streets of Venice today are witnessing almost identical views to that of Italian greats like Casanova and Napoleon.

A trip to Venice is like entering a life-sized history book. Dating back over half a century, each corner, street and canal has a story. The Teatro La Fenice, also known as ‘The Phoenix,’ is one of the most prominent opera houses in Italy and a popular tourist site. Dating back to the 16th century this iconic theatre has withheld the test of time and risen from the ashes of three catastrophic fires. Still operating as an award-winning opera house, the Teatro La Fenice showcases a collection of award-winning, Italian productions such as ‘La Traviata’ and ‘Madame Butterfly.’

Equally as remarkable as its art scene is Venice‚Äôs food scene. Venice chefs take their food very seriously and are adamant about only using fresh, locally produced ingredients in their meals. Whether it‚Äôs bruschetta or Bolognese, gnocchi or gelato, travellers are guaranteed the best, most flavoursome meals when visiting Venice.  

As a waterborne city with a rich maritime history, the quality of seafood is outstanding. Fresh produce is delivered to the market daily by local fishermen and on-sold to neighbouring caf√©‚Äôs, restaurants and eateries. Travellers are highly encouraged to try a delicious, Italian seafood dish for themselves and savour the tantalising, fresh flavours. 

An overnight getaway for two is the perfect way to see and experience the magical city of Venice. Valid for one night in any Venice hotel in the city experience is great for couples, friends or with a loved one.

How it works:

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• The recipient can browse and book any accommodation in Venice for their chosen dates

• The recipient will receive a booking confirmation detailing their trip

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