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Authentic Homemade Meal in Agra, in a 100-year-old Ancestral Home

2 hours

Nidhi has been fond of cooking since she was a child and made her first cup of chai at the age of seven. Her mother is a great cook and always encouraged her to learn by helping in the kitchen. She credits her Indian cooking skills to her mother, and western cooking talents to her mother-in-law. Nidhi currently helps her friend run a local cafe called Nooushe Jaaan. When she’s not cooking, Nidhi loves to read and is the founder of an Agra book club. She loves bikes and recently participated in an event called WOW (Women On Wheels) which spreads awareness of women’s safety.

What to expect:

Market Visit:

Local vegetable and fruit vendors come to Nidhi’s doorstep with mobile carts. Instead of going to a market, you will have a close interaction with the vendors who come to her doorstep and learn about the different local produce available. Nidhi will explain how vegetables and fruits are used in Indian cooking.

Cooking Experience:

Deeply rooted in local customs and traditions, Nidhi and Vikash partake in the ancient ritual of offering the first serving of a meal to God and have separate stoves for vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking. Join Nidhi in her kitchen for a cooking demonstration. She will demonstrate how to prepare 2-3 dishes such as dal tadka (lentils) and roti (flatbread) or a paneer gravy (fresh cheese), depending on the menu for that day.


Nidhi lives with her husband, in-laws and children in their ancestral home on the centrally located MG Road in a lovely neighborhood. Her children are the seventh generation to live in the home and every corner of the house has a story to tell. The beautiful structure, furniture and décor instantly transport you to another era.

Nidhi will introduce you to the food and flavors of Uttar Pradesh, the regional cuisine she grew up eating. Your meal will include slow-cooked north Indian dishes such as baingan ka bharta (seasoned eggplant roast), methi aloo (fenugreek with potatoes), egg curry, kali mirch chicken (black pepper chicken) and gajar mattar (stir-fried peas and carrots).

Choose a starting time, either: 12:30pm or 7:30pm.


Vikash's mother is Bengali and they can prepare traditional Bengali food if you are interested. Please indicate your preference at the time of booking.

If you are interested in watching a musical depicting the love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal called ‘Mohabbat The Taj’ at Kala Kriti, Nidhi can arrange the tickets for you. After the 1 hour 10 minute show, Nidhi will accompany you back home for a homemade UP style meal.

32/6, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Chhipitola, Rakabganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India, Agra, Uttar Pradesh Get directions
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