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Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours

Looking for a gift for your lager loving friend? Look no futher! Gift a local brewery tour so they can learn everything they need to know about their favourite drink. Take your pick from Gifting Owl's selection of brewery and beer tours. From Brisbane's famous XXXX Brewery to the Brewed in Brooklyn Tour and even the Munich Beer Tour.

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Brewery Tours- Great Gifts For Beer Drinkers

Now more so than ever, life for us humans feels jam-packed, as we’re constantly on the move. From managing petty office politics to keeping up with your best friend’s latest dating efforts; as well as your own, and trying to stay in shape with YouTube living room workouts on top of being in the know on the latest internet trends all while making sure you’re living your best life; frankly, nobody said it would be this stressful! But for thousands of years, the love of an ice-cold, sharply crisp and hard-earned beer has always been the go-to antidote for all of life’s more challenging obstacles.

Take it from the Ancient Egyptians, who first documented their brewing process around 5,000 BC, making beer is one of the oldest recipes in the world. Considering each slave was given a 5-litre ration of beer per day because it was safer than the drinking water, they did a pretty good job of building those magnificent pyramids. If only that were acceptable in today’s health and safety rules in the workplace!

The fact is, these early times were just the start of a shared and enduring global passion of beer that has only brewed stronger over time. The taste, character, and history behind every one of those golden bubbles and the natural infusions of their exquisite flavours, is unique to every country and culture. Gifting Owl offers a vast range of brewery tour experiences, so you can treat that beer connoisseur (we all know one!) to an unforgettable experience, exploring some of the swankiest spots in the most exciting cities and geeking out with other beer-lovers.

Most tours are led in small groups, meaning you’re bound to pull up a stool next to some merry and like-minded drinking partners, who also share sophisticated palettes for pale ales and the same soft spots for stouts. You’ll be guided by a master of all things ale and lager, light and dark, bitter and sweet. Watch yourself flourish from mediocre pub-goer to expert beer boffin, all within a couple of hours; that’s if you can remember much of the information after the fourth taster!

Brewery Tours Around The Globe

Imagine bar diving in downtown Dallas, where the ales are stronger than the Texas drawl. The luscious lagers of North Texas make it one of the most popular beer scenes in the country. Or why not crack open some cold ones in the very homeland of the world’s beer brewing experts, in the very heart of Europe, where beer drinking is more than just a pleasurable indulgence, it’s a serious way of life.

Although Germany is not where the magic liquid originated, the country is responsible for the innovation of what we know today as the perfect brewing process, created in its northern region back in the 13th century. The innovation of adding hops, now the most commonly used natural preservative added to the mix, was the special ingredient that gave Germany beer the beautiful bitterness that everyone craves after a tough day at work. The Munich beer tour provides a first- hand education on the oldest food law in Europe, also known as the Bavarian “Order of Purity”. The method has remained Germany's only brewing process for a staggering 700 years, to ensure nothing but the purest and most-naturally tasting beer is the end result. We are not being dramatic when we say it’s a way of life! Although, we wouldn’t advise you taste all 5,000 of the German beers available.

We challenge you to find a better way to raise a toast for a special birthday, anniversary, or any occasion worth celebrating than gifting that beer critic with a brewery tour gift card. You can have full confidence that this gift will leave them in high spirits by the end of the night. Native New Yorker Humphrey Bogart, the hero of Hollywood who made drinking look like the most sophisticated hobby ever in a white dinner jacket, once said, ‘The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind’. Why not help your special someone do some solid catching up, Casablanca-style, and treat them to an intimate education on the rise and rise of New York’s fascination with craft beer. Gifting Owl offers tours such as the Brewed in Brooklyn experience or Urban Adventure’s Long Island brewery tours- here’s looking at brew kid! (sorry, we had to). And don’t fall into the trap of thinking beer drinking is just a bloke thing. According to the history books, it was women that first invented beer by pure chance around 7,000 years ago. The mothers of Mesopotamian discovered beer when they mixed cereal grains with water and herbs and cooked them. After letting the brew stand, it fermented into what would become the world’s favourite beverage. So, keep mum in mind for a well-deserved day out as she’s treated to fun-filled facts about beer while sipping on some delicious tasters.

Whoever it is in your life that appreciates the perfect beer, be it for the unbeaten flavour or backstories full of amusing anecdotes; Gifting Owl has brewing experiences that are lager than life! Your giftee will love you for it, even if they might not be so thankful for that headache the morning after.

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