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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

For the aspiring chef or persistent home cook, a cooking class is a perfect gift to help someone unlock their culinary potential. Whether you're looking for authentic sushi making, creative cake decorating or skillful latte art, you'll find the perfect workshop on Gifting Owl. With a range of gift vouchers to suit all types of food connoisseurs, you'll find the perfect cooking experience they're sure to love.

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Perfect Gifts For Foodies

Who doesn’t love food! Food is so much more than just a necessity for life; it is one of its truest pleasures. All over the world, we celebrate food from simple fare to grand events. Food is exciting and tantalising and graces every type of table no matter who or where you are.

Our universal obsession with food has definitely evolved over the past few decades with economic globalisation, diversity, and international travel that has become the affordable norm. More than ever, we are sophisticated tasters, makers and bakers of great food. The tables have turned on the processed and packaged food trends of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Food markets, seasonal fruit and veg and speciality herbs, spices and seasonings of all kinds are now all the rage. The kitchen rules in many of today’s households as couples and families all get in on the act to bring their favourite dishes to the table. That’s exactly why there can be no better gifts for creative culinary geniuses in the making than cooking classes. Food fusionists or traditionalists will find plenty of great reasons to strap on an apron and fire up their jets with the hundreds of cooking class options in our catalogue.

Cooking classes can be found in just about every one of Gifting Owl’s 900+ destinations. Whether your gift recipient sticks close to home or is on the move, there will be a cooking experience day nearby that offers the kind of learnings they can really sink their teeth into.

As for the intrepid traveller, food experiences can be the most memorable part of any trip. And when you choose to give the gift of a cooking class, those memories can become a huge part of everyday life as the lessons learned are folded, whipped, broiled and braised into the dishes that grace your giftee’s table for decades to come.

With so much choice, you might want to restrict your search to a particular destination or your giftee’s favourite cuisine. However, to help narrow things down a bit more, you can also consider the learning environment - either home-hosted cooking experiences or more formal style of cooking classes. Both provide fantastic fun and informative ways to discover authentic cooking at its best, guided by a Master Chef or your highly accomplished home cook host.

Your giftee will learn new cooking techniques, tips, secrets and serving suggestions - not to mention a whole lot more about the cultural heritage of some of the world’s most loved savoury dishes and sweet treats. Home hosted cooking classes usually involve a trip to the local market with your host as the guide. Your giftee will get the chance to meet vendors who are carrying on the family business with the same passion and dedication to quality as the many generations that came before them. After gleaning a wealth of knowledge from each vendor encountered and garnering the freshest produce going around, it’s back to home base to get cooking with their bag of goodies.

In the hands of their expert home cook, they will laugh and learn as they peel and dice and weave their magic in the making. When it’s time to plate up the next stage is simply to enjoy the company of new friends made and exchange stories of all sorts as you while away the hours over the dining table or comfortably seated on cushions ottomans or mats depending on the cultural nuance of the host’s home. These home-hosted experiences are an event or rather a series of small events that leave a big impression and your giftee will recall those hours spent many times over throughout their lives.

On the other hand, traditional cooking experiences with a Master Chef are just as much fun and the techniques as rich in tradition and authenticity as they are instructive. Each step in the preparation is carefully managed to ensure each cook and every single ingredient plays the proper part in creating the final masterpiece.

From some as seemingly simple as crafting the lightest paper-thin pasta for an Italian ravioli or melt in your mouth French macarons to creating complex Indian curries and the fragrant flavours of Thai, these are just a few of the cooking class offerings that promise to bring the world of food wonderment to your giftee’s door. These gift vouchers are not just for the foodie faithful or recipe junkies among us, they can definitely spice up the life of those of us who are cooking novices or for anyone snagged on serving up the same rotating menu of family favourites or quick and tasty dishes they’ve stuck to for years. Challenging them or possibly even yourself to find that hidden cook that may be simmering under the surface is certainly worth consideration.

The best thing in your favour when choosing a Gifting Owl cooking class or home cooking experience or any gift card listed in our catalogue is that every purchase comes with two sensational guarantees - all gifts are redeemable for 3-years for the date of purchase and all gift vouchers are fully transferable. In other words, you can never get it wrong. Happy gifting!

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