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Escape from reality with an indulgent getaway at top destinations around the world, booking dates easily with online calendars. From spa retreats to camping sites and even sleepovers with friendly locals, there are endless ways to experience beautiful cities for longer than a day. Give a unique gift voucher and book at any time!

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A getaway gift is a great way to show you care. For the person you have in mind, it’s a chance for them to recharge their batteries, reconnect with loved ones or just chill out and enjoy some me time. We’ve all been there. Sick of looking at the same old grey walls a getaway is the chance to break free, with the only plan to go off and discover the big wide world that's out there and spend the days having fun and finding the next and best experiences to do. You can hear the words of your gift recipient now, ‘Bring it on!’. Technically speaking, a getaway is considered a short break of a few days. But who’s counting? You can search Gifting Owl for a getaway gift that will neatly fit into your gift recipient’s itinerary whether they’re away for a day, a week or much longer. The point is, there’s enough time for you to do a bit of exploring on their behalf and find an adventure experience that will add that extra special touch to their trip. Europe, Nordic, Asia Pacific, North America, Central America, along with many other regions are brimming with experiences ready and waiting for the picking. All you have to do is search, select and book a getaway gift in a location your gift recipient plans to visit. If your friend or loved one is city bound for their getaway, Experience Owl covers fantastic adventures in major cities across the world. Big cities can often be hard when it comes to finding your way to those authentic culturally inspired and unique adventures. Experience Owl is a quick way to cut through all that complexity and find a gift that suits. Heading to Paris? Not a problem. You can gift a day and night photo tour to capture and record some of those hero moments of the holiday. Or home-based cooking classes that will teach your giftee to turn out spectacular souffles and other delectable French treats. Provincial tours of surrounding cities and wineries and chalet getaways for those who love to snowboard and ski are also excellent gifts. The great cities of Italy - Florence, Rome and Venice are full of art and history and great, great food. Gifting a fascinating day and night city tour, taking in the inspired works of some of the great Italian Renaissance masters - Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Bellini and the many sculptures that adorn the city streets and piazzas, carved centuries ago but still as wonderous as ever, will make for unforgettable memories. So too will sitting around a large the table with a local family, feasting on delicious home cooked food. And not just one or two dishes either. That’s not the Italian way. No. There will many courses to that meal, all served up with lashings of laughter, tears and storytelling. Crossing continents, North America is home to the big apple (New York), the world’s political powerhouse, Washington DC and on the west coast, one of the hippest places on the planet, San Francisco. While in the mid-south, Louisiana’s city of music and Mardi gras New Orleans is home to Jazz and Blues. The USA is one of those destinations that never ceases to amaze with its diversity of big-city attractions and adventures. Your gift recipient can be immersed in American culture and experiences in dozens of different ways at the turn of a block. City safaris are very different depending on the weather. Seasonal changes can influence the type of adventure you might want to gift. Nevertheless, every season - spring, summer, fall and winter has its highlights. For a change in tempo and a completely different getaway gift, Iceland is definitely a getaway destination where your gift recipient can find natural and awe-inspiring adventure. Reykjavík, Akureyri, Fagurholsmyri and Hvolsvöllur are the travel hot spots, with wonderland escapes that will take your giftee hiking, driving and climbing across extraordinary landscapes fashioned from volcanic eruptions long since passed. And overhead, the magnificent illumination of a northern lights sky that’s bound to leave them mesmerised. From one extreme to the other Australia’s tropical destinations are awash with must do adventure gifts. Diving on one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, sailing surfing, snorkelling, sand tabogganing, skydiving, scuba diving, sightseeing, Aboriginal storytelling and smoke ceremonies, and so many more adventure experiences that don’t start with the letter s that will be a must to include on your getaway gift list. For your getaway gift recipient who loves food and wine, we have those covered too. Australia is renowned for its fresh and lively food and wine scene. It’s delicious seafood and multiculturally infused cuisine complement the vivacious and full-bodied wines of regions including the Hunter Valley and Orange district outside of Sydney, Melbourne’s Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, Adelaide’s Clare and Barossa valleys. Western Australia’s Margaret River and Swan Valley, and Tasmania’s Tamar Valley.

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