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For Groups

For Groups

Our group activity ideas and team gift ideas will offer an amazing and memorable experience no matter what activity you choose. From exciting adventures to relaxing escapes, find the perfect experience gift for your group.

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Gifts For Groups

Groups form a big part of most people’s lives. People are social animals. We love spending time with and doing things with others. We live in family groups, spend time living it up with friends, maybe help out in the community, belong to social, special interest and sporting groups and at work team up in groups with colleagues.

Employee Days Out

Gifts for groups will sometimes have limits. Small groups tours might have a maximum of between 6 and 10, while larger groups might set the minimum between 10 and 20, depending on the type of activity. Even if the group is large, your hosts may break the group into smaller groups to ensure the high quality of the experience. It’s good to get in touch with the tour operator if information on group sizes if this it’s missing from their page. If you’re a company looking for workforce rewards, Gifting Owl has thousands of adventure and leisure experiences that make ideal gifts for groups.

Gifting a team of employees with an adventure is a great way to reward their combined efforts and success. The group might be made up of individuals from across the business who have produced outstanding work throughout a year. Or a team reward that recognises breaking a sales target record, an innovation that’s set to be a game changer and everyday efforts that help the company to get ahead, seal the deal or beat the competition. These rewards may include international or interstate travel and are focused on adventure, leisure and pleasure high-quality experiences such as arts and culture, food and wine, nature and wildlife, and high adrenaline action. Corporate team building is also a good reason to check out Gifting Owl gifts for groups.

Team Building

Team building can make a big difference to workplace performance. It can create stronger bonds between team members, foster team trust and confidence, and reinvigorate or prepare a team for the next big challenge. In the main, location is likely to play a big factor when making your choices; somewhere within easy reach or at least with good transport access.

Team building activities tend to be adventures that involve some form of physical skill and team challenge - abseiling, rock climbing, bridge climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, high ropes and zip line experiences, motorsports and a myriad of other action-packed activities are great examples and are readily available on the site. Conference and event organisers are frequently on the lookout for exciting and suitable adventures and experiences that showcase their destination to VIP guests. Industry, government and large not-for-profit agencies can be wonderful third-party ambassadors for a city or state when the place they are visiting offers exceptional experiences. Gifting Owl weeds out the products that don’t measure up to make sure quality standards are maintained. As the largest worldwide gifting platform, we are always on the hunt for new adventure and emerging trends to keep our listings refreshed and worth coming back to time and again. Groups aren’t all business though.


Family get-togethers often happen around special occasions and life milestones that are a must. The birthday that farewells to one decade and ushers in the next; an anniversary that celebrates a happy and loving union that’s stood the test of time; a wedding or commitment ceremony that marks the formal binding of two people in love. These are perfect opportunities to not only gift your loved one with a birthday adventure or the happy couple with an extraordinary experience they’ll remember for a lifetime, but you can also get the rest of the family in on the act and have a fantastic group experience together. When it comes to pre-wedding celebrations, and the gender or friend divide, bucks, hens and same-sex couples go all out to have the time of their lives with their nearest and dearest friends and family before they tie the knot. These days, pre-wedding events are often multi-day affairs involving accommodation, travel and plenty of food and drink.

Gifting Owl has hundreds, if not thousands of gift ideas and adventures on offer to add into the mix. You'll find adventures that will give the ‘soon-to-be’ an unforgettable experience to treasure long after their big day, and one that the whole group can buy into making it all the more fun. Or perhaps the other way around, with the ‘soon-to-be’ booking a group experience as a thank you for all that everyone has done. The wise thing to keep in mind is to do your research.

Group experiences are best when everyone has a great time. That means knowing the transport, food options and dietary requirements, refreshments and adventure schedule are neatly packaged up with little chance for problems to arise.

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