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If you know someone who loves being out of the water, take it to the extreme with a jetboating gift voucher. Experience high-speed drifting and advanced maneuvering around incredible beaches and cityscapes. Jetting along the waterways with the wind in your face and adrenaline pumping, you'll experience nature like never before. Whether they love adventure, thrills or ready to try something new, a Gifting Owl jetboating voucher will deliver.

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Once-In-A-Lifetime Jet Boating Adventures

Calling all aspiring 007’s and Moneypennys…Ever wondered what it’s like to be Bond for the day? Well, now we’re giving you the chance to do it better than the spy himself (regardless of what that theme song says!). It’s time to throw those average gift ideas overboard and treat that water sports fanatic to one of Gifting Owl’s once-in-a-lifetime jet boating adventures.

You too could be cruising down crystal clear waters donning a sexy tux or channelling that effortless wet hair look. Okay - well you might have to swap the glam-rags for a poncho/ life jacket combo and matching dorky helmet (safety first people!), but at least you’ll be getting the real action-packed deal. Without a fake green screen backdrop or metal-toothed villain in sight, get ready to put all hands on deck for hours of exhilarating fun as you cling on for dear life, speeding along the most beautiful coastlines, on the brink of the world’s most vibrant cities and natural landscapes.

Slip, Speed, And Splash Your Way Across Sunny Sydney

Jet past some of this city’s most famous landmarks and see them as you’ve never seen them before. Duck under the world-famous Harbour Bridge and fishtail around the Opera House, your lucky gift recipient is bound to hit some high notes whilst your experienced skipper shows off with those hair raising and certainly hair moistening manoeuvres.

Here at Gifting Owl, we can assure there’ll never be a dull moment, and definitely not a dry one in this case, with over 500 litres of water released from the jet engine when it reaches its ultimate power at 75 km/h. However, there is no more ultimate way to explore the Aussie Gold Coast than with our sea and sky express combo package, where you’ll be given a 20 kilometre, 30-minute Jet-blast ride around the iconic SeaWorld, Palazzo Versace and Surfers Paradise skyline. This is followed by a chance to jet-off into the glorious blue skies, where you can look over the extreme waters you and the fam have been brave enough to take on. If you’re less of a city slicker, and more of a wildlife ranger, then why not hop aboard the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ Jet boating experience, where you’ll be diving down the whitewater rapids and skimming the glass-smooth waves of New Zealand’s Whanganui National Park. After tucking into an exquisite picnic lunch in the heart of the native bush, amongst mesmerising waterfalls and exotic wildlife, feast on the secret history of the river, from its existence as an isolated home to the Maori settlement, right up to the emergence and decline of European farming communities.

Adrenaline Jet Boating In New Zealand

You’ll certainly blow the kids out of the water with this eight-hour jet boating voyage, soaring through a naturally fossilised map of human civilisation and its developments over thousands of years. Except, your history lesson will be vastly more action-packed, as you trade the usual sluggish-steam boats used by the area’s primitive inhabitants, for a more high octane, high-adrenaline experience! We also offer some of the most exciting Jet boating experience gifts in the ever-beautiful Queenstown in New Zealand. With thousands of five-star reviews, a must-do adventure is the thrilling Skippers Canyon Jetboat experience, where you’ll have to breathe in as you squeeze and slide down the narrowest canyons on the Shotover River. Be prepared to get up close and personal with the face of the canyon as your highly experienced driver shows off some tricks that catapult you inches away from the dramatic rock walls - mind your fingers, boys and girls! If you’re a fan of everything Lord of the Rings (who isn’t?!) Then what more exciting experience gift than to see where one of the most memorable scenes in the trilogy takes place; when Arwen calls the flood to wash away the pursuing Ring Wraiths!

Usually, the suggested way to get to this location is by braving one of the world’s most dangerous gravel roads, yet as we said, we’re very much all about safety at Gifting Owl, so why not dodge the steep cliffs that are enough to freak out even the most defiant dwarf. The quality of this backcountry experience is not affected by any unforeseen changes in the weather, so you can be sure you’ll be soaked through and smiling come rain, come shine, whatever month of the year. And as you’ll learn on your guided tour, you aren’t the only ones that will have hit gold with this adrenaline-packed adventure, as back in 1862 this was the sight of the largest gold rush the world had ever seen.

So hop on board Bond babes and Bond boys! With our great prices and once-in-a-lifetime Jet-Boat experience gift vouchers, you won’t find yourself in shallow waters when it comes to picking an unforgettable day out to realise your nearest and dearest’s wildest dreams!

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