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A kayaking experience is a great gift idea for anyone wanting to get outdoors and active while trying something new. Your kayaking instructor will show you your paddling and turning techniques before you embark on your guided or self-guided kayaking adventure. Choose a kayaking tour for two so you can enjoy this outdoor adventure together.

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Kayaking Experiences For Everyone

Treat a friend, family member, or even yourself to an adventure with a Gifting Owl kayaking gift card. Kayaking is the perfect gift for outdoor adventurers, nature lovers and active families. From high-octane exploits to tranquil experiences, kayaking has it all. One thing we can promise, kayaking offers new perspectives on the world around you.

The beauty of a kayaking tour is that you’ll experience sights and sounds from a whole new context. Take Brisbane, Australia for example. There are some awesome things to see and do on foot in Brisbane. But if you hop in a kayak - wow! Gliding on the river in the heart of the city, bumping over the wake of passing craft and paddling directly under the Story Bridge, there’s just no comparison. Buildings seem more impressive and sunsets are more stunning from the water. The same goes for other cities like Sydney, Miami and Rio De Janeiro - all amazing places on foot, but even better if you can explore by kayak.

All Types Of Kayaking

If cityscapes aren’t your thing, no worries! From the ocean and lagoons to swamps and caves there are so many environments to choose from in our extensive range of gift vouchers. You can bob over waves when sea kayaking, cruise down rivers or explore areas that are hard to reach any other way. If you’re looking to explore new horizons then kayaking is key. Greater access to unexplored areas also means wildlife.

Whether it’s sea turtles at Byron Bay or Lady Elliot Island, or Seals and Penguins in Perth, kayaking can get you up-close and personal to your favourite creatures in their natural habitat. For all you fitness fanatics here is the kicker - you get to explore it all while getting fitter and stronger at the same time! Your shoulders, biceps and abs will get a great workout while you’re enjoying some serious recreational fun. Don’t forget that you can paddle at your own pace. If you’re Chris Hemsworth’s body double (must be nice) then you can really work those muscles. But if you’re looking to paddle at your own pace to soak up some sun and scenery then that’s just as good!

When choosing your gift card, try to think about who you’re buying it for. Typically, open water (i.e. ocean and river) kayaking is more physically demanding than closed water (lakes and dams) experiences. Also, check to see the type of kayaks being used.

Sit-in kayaks are best for sea kayaking but can sometimes be trickier to use. Sit-on-top kayaks are slower but more sturdy and well-balanced, the perfect solution for beginners. Other things to keep in mind are minimum age limits and minimum number requirements. Most companies will have options for singular bookings, but if the tour involves tandem kayaks, just double check to see if buying a single person voucher is viable. This is also important when buying for families as the minimum age for kayaking activities will range from company to company.

Kayaking Adventures For Families

There are kayaking experiences available for kids as young as five years old, but these may require a parent in the same kayak. If you want to pick up a new skill and become that active adventurer who has kayaking as a hobby, you can always give a gift to yourself! Or if you’re feeling romantic you could surprise your partner with a sunset kayaking experience to celebrate your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just because. Your tour operator may even be able to arrange a bottle of bubbles for your post-tour enjoyment or something extra special to add to your experience. As you can see, a kayaking gift voucher is the perfect gift idea for the adventure seeker in your life!

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