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Sailing & Cruises

Sailing & Cruises

A sailing experience is the perfect cruisey day out (pardon the pun). Sit back and relax while your captain takes you on a scenic ride through the waterways. A great romantic gift idea for newlyweds or newly engaged. From high tea cruises to private sunset sails, you'll find plenty of amazing sailing experiences on Gifting Owl.

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From sea safaris that explore the exotic ocean wildlife to luxurious dinner cruises perfect for romantic evenings out and even adrenaline-filled sailing trips for the whole family, Gifting Owl is brimming with incredible boating experiences. With so much variation between all of these fantastic nautical adventures, there is a perfect option out there for everyone no matter their age, gender or interests!

These experiences are often a foolproof plan for Dad’s birthday or Father's Day whilst also making for a memorable romantic outing, a family adventure or even an unforgettable children’s party. If you’re looking for a gift for the old man himself, look no further than Gifting Owl. Ditch the usual socks and undies combo and get him an experience he will always be able to treasure.

Fishing Tours

The precious memories will last longer than those socks, no matter how hard he tries to keep those holey socks in his wardrobe. Home to a wide range of endlessly entertaining (at least for Dad) fishing options, Gifting Owl has got you covered. Satisfy this hankering for a little bit of aquatic "Man vs Wild" with experiences such as Fishing Day Trips in Koh Samui, Thailand and the Sheepshead Bay Deep Sea Fishing Tour in New York. These incredible day trips are all-inclusive and are led by a crew of local experts armed with an extensive arsenal of knowledge and practical tips to ensure Dad catches big! No matter what level of experience guests have, these will have him catching like a pro by the end of the eventful day.

Another outstanding fishing experience has got to be the Private Bora Bora Lagoon Fishing Tour. These polynesian waters have so much richness and so much beautiful lagoon fish to catch. Popular species include jackfish, rainbow fish, small barracudas, and lagoon bonito.

Wildlife Boat Tours

For those with a deep love for wildlife, what better experience than to get up close and friendly with some of earth's most amazing sea creatures on a spectacular sea safari. These otherworldly experiences are bound to blow the socks off your giftee! It’s not everyday that you get to watch the resounding crashing of a giant whale’s tail as it hits the water from where it once lept from. A highly recommended tour of this calibre is the Whales & Seals tour in Akureyri, Iceland. This five hour tour explores the whales and wonders of Eyjafjörður and it's wildlife before or after taking a tour in Miðfjörður and watching seals and nature at its best. Seals are very inquisitive creatures and will come up close to the boat to see what’s what. This makes for some excellent shots of these beautiful sea animals to always cherish.

Another outstanding option is the Hole In The Rock Dolphin Cruise in Paihia, New Zealand. As the most popular dolphin-watching cruise in the Bay of Islands, the spectacular experience certainly does not disappoint. The tour explores the stunning Piercy Island/Motukokako (or as it is popularly known the Hole in the Rock) a tall rocky island characterised by a large hole that crosses through the bottom over the island by the ocean. According to Maori legend, local warriors used to paddle through the Hole in the Rock in their canoes before departing for battle.

Sailing Adventures

If your giftee is simply looking for a relaxing sailing adventure, Gifting Owl boasts a plethora of options that are perfect for an extraordinarily fun family outing. The Algarve Captain Hook Cruise On Leaozinho in Albufeira, Portugal is the perfect example of the ultimate family day trip. The cruise is held on Leaozinho, a pirate ship that ensures that the kids will have the best day of their holiday. The incredibly fun tour explores the rock formations and the beaches of Albufeira, Sao Rafael, Castelo and Gale. Guests have the opportunity to dive into the cool ocean, access exclusive areas far from the busy touristic areas and even visit caves.

Another great option is the Moreton Bay Catamaran Sailing Cruise just off the coast of Brisbane, Australia. The affordable tour sails the picturesque waters of Moreton Bay and guests get to enjoy five hours of relaxing on the water and exploring nearby islands. The tour includes three delicious meals during the day and the chance to swim, boom-net, paddle boarding, island explore and play exciting beach games. If you happen to be buying a gift for a couple you know, there is nothing more romantic than a serene cruise with tantalizing dining and delicious wine.

Dining Cruises

Where else better to experience such a moment than the city of love itself, Paris. The Paris Seine River Lunch Cruise is the ultimate couples experience. Discover Paris differently by taking advantage of a pleasant cruise on the Seine River while enjoying a delicious typical French cuisine lunch. Enjoy the meal which offers a choice of starter, main course and dessert along with delectable local wine. Alternatively, the Bangkok Indian Dinner Cruise set in Bang Kho Laem is filled with a great variety of mouthwatering Indian cuisine, live Indian singers and breathtaking views of temples to make the night that much more special.

No matter who you are buying for, Gifting Owl has got you covered for some unforgettable cruise and sailing experiences. All Gifting Owl vouchers are fully interchangeable so your gift can't go wrong. Happy gifting!

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