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Whether it's for a birthday, graduation or Christmas, an instructed surfing tour is the perfect experience gift for that person who has always wanted to learn to surf. It's much harder than it looks so it's always best to have a couple of lessons before trying to head out solo! Your instructor will show you the proper techniques to get you up and riding waves in no time!

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Perfect Gift For Water Lovers

No matter if it’s an early morning sunrise, a midday break or a late afternoon sunset, any time of day is perfect to enjoy a surf experience. Surfing is the ultimate way to feel connected with the ocean. Whether it’s feeling the refreshing seawater or warmth of the sun, hearing the chirpy seagulls in the background or smelling the crisp salty air, your senses are sure to be pleased in any surf experience.

Surfing is a spectacular way to stay active and keep your body moving in a fun way. Forget the dreadful cardio or weightlifting exercises and leave it to surfing to keep your body in elite shape. Not only is surfing beneficial for physical health, but it can also improve mental health. By floating along the water and hearing the waves crashing, surfing ensures a sense of calmness and alleviates stress and anxiety levels. Surfing is one of the only experiences that allows you to be truly immersed in nature and appreciate the natural beauty of our planet. Not to mention, it’s a sustainable experience which makes it even better!

It comes as no surprise that Queensland, known as Australia’s Sunshine State, offers an array of surf experiences across the pristine beaches on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Further south in New South Wales, enjoy a surf experience at the iconic Bondi Beach just less than 30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Surf experiences along with Victoria’s Great Ocean Road are also offered in the quaint towns of Lorne, Anglesea, and Ocean Grove. Australia isn’t the only country to gift surf experiences; New Zealand also provides a 2 hour surf lesson taught by an International Surfing Association instructor on the North Island. Surf experiences are the perfect gift voucher for friends or families’ upcoming birthdays, graduations, holidays or just because!

Gift a kids-only surf experience for your children, nieces or nephews knowing you can relax while they are in good hands and taught by experienced and fully qualified instructors. For a family affair, gift a family surf package to get the whole family involved. This is the perfect way to spend quality time with one another and share family laughs that will be cherished forever. Private surf lessons are also a gift experience for those who want more personalised one-on-one attention. Private surf lessons are tailored to specific needs and with a supportive personal instructor, you’ll be catching waves in no time! For those looking to explore the more innovative side of the sport, kite foiling surf lessons are also an option.

In this excursion, giftees will glide across the water on a 3-stage mast foil board while being guided by a wind kite. Although this is the most challenging form of surfing, all it takes is a bit of dedication and perseverance to be kiteboarding in no time. If you’re struggling to think of what surf experience is best to gift, simply gift a voucher and let the recipient choose for themself which one they like the best! Before catching the waves can begin, it’s important to learn the basics on the sand.

Surf lessons will often begin on the beach with instructors teaching new surfers how to paddle and stand on the board. Learning the fundamentals on solid ground is often the easiest way to master surfing the real waves. Most lessons will typically include a beginner sized surfboard, a protective rashie shirt or wetsuit and of course, safety tips. Some more extravagant surf experiences even include a tasty lunch and photo ops to commemorate the special occasion. Surfers should show up with sunscreen, swimmers, food and drinks, a beach towel and most importantly a smile and a keen attitude to learn the ways of the waves.

The gift of an experience is always the gift that keeps on giving. Experiences provide memories that last forever. As experiences are unique to each person and vary from one person to another. An experience can never be replicated or duplicated making the chance of gifting an experience so special. Experiences resonate with our needs and desires on a deeper level. They help us to learn more about ourselves and those around us.

Gift experiences help us to see the world through a different light and consider the perspectives of others. They reveal to us things we never knew about ourselves and show us we can achieve all kinds of things we never thought possible. This is what you are gifting when you give someone an experience. Surfing is the perfect example of this! So often people doubt themselves or lack confidence in their abilities, but surfing shows us that all it takes is a bit of know-how and practise to catch any wave in life.

The gift of a surfing experience to those most special in your life may not only teach them how to ride high on the ocean waves but also the highs and lows of life as well!

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