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White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

White water rafting isn't just for the extreme outdoor adventure types. Overcome the challenge and enjoy the action-packed thrills of braving the rapids with a rafting experience gift voucher. There are tours available for a range of experience levels so whether you're looking for a crash course to the rapids or have been taking on the white water for some time now, you'll find the perfect adventure with Gifting Owl.

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Time For Adventure: White Water Rafting Gift Experiences

Pick up your paddles! It’s time to fasten those helmets and slip into those oh-so-glamorous wetsuits and take family bonding to all new extremes with Gifting Owl’s extensive catalogue of White Water Rafting experience gifts. Wash away the tiresome sibling tantrums that usually dog family holidays and swap them instead for the shrieks of an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

A white water adventure will have you and heaven forbid, the kids hanging for dear life as you hurl down the rapids of some of the most breathtaking rivers and waterfalls in the world. You can slalom down the guzzling waters of the East Glacial River - one of the most popular spots for rafting in Iceland. Or bask in the warm waters of the Kaituna in New Zealand, home to the world’s most epic rafting experiences. We guarantee, there’ll be no time for squabbling unless it’s over who’s brave enough to sit in the driver’s seat! At Gifting Owl, there are experiences for everyone to enjoy, whatever their ability or age. So, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie with a strong passion for extreme water sports or someone content with a more tranquil cruise along the watercourse, Gifting Owl has a range of rafting adventures that is sure to float any boat, wherever you sit on that spectrum.

Adventure Days Out On The Water

Each rafting experience is graded by technicality and tailored to your level of expertise, from moderate to advanced courses. You’ll never feel like you’re being thrown in at the deep end. As a beginner and has never dared step foot in a raft before, or the world’s biggest water sports fanatic under the guidance of professionally trained instructors rafting the Grand Canyon will be child’s play. Rafting instructors are not only meticulous when it comes to your safety, but they’ll also have you in stitches of laughter after sharing a boat-load of funny anecdotes.

In Australia, there seems no more suitable option than treating them to the half-day Barron River tour in Queensland. Luckily, this adventure runs all year round and is an experience that all the family can do together (although the minimum age is 12- sorry littluns!). This trip perfectly combines the exhilaration of white water rafting, starting with a peaceful tour floating along the Barron River followed by two hours of rafting fun.

With rapids graded up to level 3, you can be sure your giftee will get that adrenaline buzz navigating through the rough waters as they synchronise manoeuvres with their rafting buddies like a well-oiled machine. These rafts carry up to seven passengers including your river guide, so whether you choose to bring mum and dad along for the ride, or would prefer to embark on a solo voyage, you can be sure to meet a whole crew of other like-minded thrill-seekers. Especially on longer tours such as the Cairns adventure group package, a three-day water extravaganza, with a day of white water rafting fun, and then an exhilarating expedition of the natural rockslide of Josephine Falls, and of course the best part for last; a visit to the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree. Speaking of well-oiled machines, why not also explore the full day wilderness adventure with The King River Gorge Raft and Steam Experience. This adventure is a genius collaboration offering the chance to go rafting in New Zealand’s The King River, with the added treat of a heritage rail adventure on your return trip to Queenstown. The window views along the way are animated by the rare Huon Pine trees and fascinating commentary on the area’s natural and human history.

If your giftee prefers to kick back and admire the beauty of the natural world around them, but also keen to dip their toes into some high energy rafting, Gifting Owl also caters for a leisurely introduction to this fun-packed and high adrenaline activity. Such experiences usually combine breathtaking scenic tours that travel through rainforest ravines such as the spectacular Barron Gorge National Park. The landscape comes to life in ways that not even the best camera in the world could capture as you become immersed in the moment surrounded by towering mountains, tropical rainforests and warm lagoons. Rest assured, giving the totally wild and original gift of a white water rafting adventure is bound to provide that special one with nothing but cherished memories.

After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than conquering something, whether it be overcoming a fear, ticking-off an item on that ever-growing bucket list, or challenging yourself to do an adventure that makes you feel proud of what you can achieve.

Whatever your previous experience on the water, Gifting Owl is a safe harbour for rafting adventures that promises your idea for an original gift never goes adrift!

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