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Authentic Culinary

Authentic Culinary

With an authentic culinary experience you can expect to meet a local and share a traditional meal together in their home. If you want to give a truly local one-on-one experience to a loved one, look no further than one of these experiences.

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Food Lovers: Culinary Experiences

If you’re looking for a unique experience gift for the travelling foodie in your life, look no further than these authentic culinary experience gifts. Gifting Owl has the largest selection of culinary experience gifts offered in the world. Each one of these experiences offer a one-on-one cooking experience with a local, often in their own home.

The Ideal Gift For Foodies

There is really no better way to immerse yourself in another culture or have a truly local experience. Food and drink experiences are becoming more and more popular to give as gifts. Because who isn’t a ‘foodie’ these days?

The best thing about these foodie experience gifts is that they are truly authentic. Not only do you learn something new about cooking or your favourite cuisine, you meet someone new and learn about their background and culture. If that doesn't make these foodie experiences ones to remember, we’re not sure what will! Start off with choosing the destination or cuisine you would like your culinary experience to be in. Gifting Owl authentic culinary gifts are available in over 60 countries including Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Russia, South Korea and Brazil.

Whatever your cuisine of choice, we have one for you. These cooking experiences are fully private experiences for you and your guests to enjoy on your own. Choose from an in-home meal with your host or a full in-home cooking class complete with a market visit. In-home dining experiences go for 1.5 to 2 hours, whereas the full cooking experiences can go for 5 hours in total. There are also options on these experiences are to including alcohol if you wish.

For a more immersive experience, we do recommend choosing the full market visit option so you have more time to connect with your host. Learn to cook mouth-watering homemade pasta for yourself with a local in Florence after you visit the markets to collect your fresh ingredients.

Almost all of these experience gifts include a visit to collect the ingredients and at least 1.5 hours spent with a local in their home. We believe these experiences as immersive as you are involved in an exchange of cultures. Whether this exchange happens through your culinary experience or learning more about each other's upbringing and day to to day lives, you will leave these experiences have made a true connection with a local.

Many of these authentic culinary experiences include a shared cooking experience. This means you are in on the action, getting your hands dirty to create a wonderful meal with a local. But not to worry, there will be time to sit together once the meal is ready and enjoy what you have created together. These culinary gifts are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that the lucky gift receiver will cherish forever.

Every Gifting Owl gift certificate is fully exchangeable for any other experience in the world for the same or lesser value. This means that if your foodie friend isn’t into Russian lasagne surely they have a soft spot for Pad Thai!

The gift receiver is able to use their gift voucher on any experience on the platform they wish, no matter where it is located. If they’re travelling in Morocco they might even decide to use their gift in Maria’s home in Casablanca. With hundreds of foodie experiences in over 60 countries, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Perfect Gift Experiences For Couples

These authentic culinary experience gifts are the perfect present for a couple if you’re looking for an engagement gift idea, wedding present or anniversary gift. They’re also a great option for travelling foodies in your life who value authentic ‘real world’ experiences over standard tourism attractions. You never know where they will be from one week to the next, but you know they will use their gift on a local experience wherever they may find themselves.

Or you could be a little bit sneaky and buy your partner an Italian cooking experience, so you can reap the benefits (eg. homepage gnocchi) for years to come! Our authentic dining experiences not only make unique gifts for loved ones but are a great activity to do when you’re travelling or if you are simply looking for things to do locally.

If you are tired of eating out at restaurants and want to get to know the locals where you are visiting, jump on Gifting Owl and book yourself in to one of these authentic dining experiences, you won’t be disappointed!

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