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5 Of Our Favourite Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

5 Of Our Favourite Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

Just like that, we’re already in June! While we sit and wonder where the year has gone and embracing the EOFY sales, there are people out there planning for Christmas… in July!

Chances are you probably don’t celebrate Christmas in July. Usually it's just the theme for an event at your local bar, or an excuse for the southern hemisphere to enjoy a cold winter Christmas instead of a hot and humid one!

Speaking from experience, us Australians envy those who get a white Christmas. While we do enjoy a cold beer and swim in the ocean on Christmas, experiencing it in winter is a dream for most. You know the dream where you exchange ugly sweaters and drink mulled wine by the fireplace? This white Christmas fairytale took me on a journey to New York City to celebrate Christmas with my friends in 2015. Unlucky for us tourists, we were hit with a heat wave and could hardly bare to wear our ugly sweaters, in WINTER!

So there’s my reasoning behind Christmas in July. That, and perhaps we take any excuse to celebrate Christmas TWICE in one year. The lack of Christmas carols following you everywhere you go in July is just an added bonus.

When is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is usually celebrated on, or closest to the 25th of July.

If you’re a Christmas lover like me, we’ve listed 5 ways to celebrate Christmas in July. Hopefully you’re yet to exhaust all of our options!

1. Book a mid-year escape

It’s easy to get stuck in a mid-year slump, so it’s the perfect time of year to have a vacation planned. Escape the cold, or the heat, and take time off for a vacation. Call it a Christmas in July gift to yourself if you wish. Recharge those batteries before the real Christmas chaos begins. You can thank us later!

2. Visit family and friends abroad

Christmas time is both a popular and expensive time to travel. If you have family scattered around the globe (like me), this is a great opportunity for everyone to catch up for a family vacation, without the hefty price tag.

If you all want to travel somewhere new, try meeting halfway and exploring a new destination instead.

3. Host a Christmas in July party

If you’re anything like my family, you’ll have your own Christmas traditions you look forward to year round. Mind you, most of mine are all based around food. Ukrainian heritage means a LOT of delicious perogies for us! So if you are feeling nostalgic and craving some family time and perogies, why not host a Christmas in July?

Grab the tree from storage, put Michael Buble on your speaker and transport yourself to December 1 for a day. Setting up for your Christmas in July party is almost the funnest part.

Remember, no Christmas party is complete without secret santa!

4. Give gifts to your nearest and dearest

It is proven that gift giving makes us happier and more fulfilled. So why limit the biggest gifting occasion to only once a year? Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to spoil your nearest and dearest with a thoughtful gift.

We encourage you to think about sustainable gift ideas this year, and throughout all gifting occasions. To read our blog on sustainable gift ideas, please click here. Or search for experience gifts here.

5. Reconnect with loved ones

The middle of the year is often long and slow, especially if it’s winter in your part of the world. As we prepare for the mayhem of the last months of the year, many of us are sitting at home avoiding social activities like the plague. But as we approach July, we realise how many people we haven’t seen in months.

Let Christmas in July be your excuse to catch up with the people you miss. Whether you host a dinner for two or a party for many!

So, there you have it! We hope you got some inspiration from our favourite ways to celebrate Christmas in July.

Seasons greetings!

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