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Benefits of Gifting Experiences With Gifting Owl

Benefits of Gifting Experiences With Gifting Owl

How do you tell someone you love them? That they went above and beyond in their career? That they are the best part of your day? There can be a lot of pressure in finding something special for an individual you care about. Be able to give your friend, coworker or loved one a gift that is simple to purchase, but still shows you put thought and energy into choosing something original and tailored to their unique interests.

Our International Adventure Tours Are Found On All Corners of the Globe

Skip the shipping costs. Skip the stress of researching if a gift certificate is valid in your friend’s location. Don’t let mere kilometres stop you from easily sending a gift. Whether they are down the street or on the other side of the hemisphere, we have adventure and experience tours to compliment the location, personality and needs of the adventurer in your life. Our gifting experiences don’t have shipping costs, can’t be lost in the mail and are sent directly to the receiver the moment you want them to see it. So If your friend is traveling to Italy and has a birthday coming up, send over an unforgettable 3-course pasta making class in the time it takes to order some Italian takeout for yourself.

Our Global Gift Cards Are Fully Transferable and Can Be Gifted in Any Amount

Fully Transferable

It can be scary to purchase a surprise experience for someone - what if that Great White Shark cage-diving tour you bought isn’t really up your Great-Grandma’s alley? That is A-OK. Grams can just choose a different tour from our entire list of suppliers. No money is lost in the process - the voucher holder can even choose multiple experiences to the same value of the original tour. So go ahead - gift fearlessly!

Gift The Amount You Want To Give

There is no need to break the bank with Gifting Owl. Let’s say your best friend’s life dream is to go hot air ballooning in Turkey but your budget for their birthday is a fraction of the price. No sweat! Gift the amount you’re comfortable with, and it can go towards any experience the receiver decides to choose. Even better, round up your group of friends to go in on the Turkey experience birthday present for an easy-to-purchase group gift that your friend will never forget. Everyone is happy!

Give A Gift That Gives Back to the Local Community

Sustainable tourism - that is what we are all about. We love supporting the local economy in every location our suppliers reside. Our Authentic Culinary experiences support community based tourism, or supporting local tour operators and family-owned businesses that can truly give a unique and genuine cultural experience.

No matter where you are looking in the world, you can gift fearlessly with Gifting Owl global experiences.

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