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Elevate Employee Appreciation with Bulk Experience Gifts

Elevate Employee Appreciation with Bulk Experience Gifts

Embracing the Festive Season: Employee Appreciation Takes Center Stage

As the holiday season approaches, the flurry of Christmas preparations is in full swing. Amidst arranging the staff Christmas party and managing annual leave requests, another task looms large – selecting staff Christmas gifts and cash bonuses for your dedicated employees.

While personalised gifts are the norm, there's a compelling alternative that can yield benefits for both your team and your company: bulk gifting for employees. The act of gifting during Christmas is a manifestation of gratitude, appreciation, and respect. This tradition not only boosts morale but also strengthens relationships, resulting in enhanced employee contentment and productivity.

Impact of Personalised Bulk Gifts

The crux of effective employee gifting lies in personalization. It's imperative that the Christmas gifts resonate with recipients on an individual level, conveying the message of careful consideration in their selection.

In essence, bulk Christmas gifts for employees have the potential to boost morale and productivity. These are not only cost-effective tokens of appreciation but also infuse the workplace with enjoyment and excitement.

Shifting Trends: Experiences Trump Possessions

Amid evolving gifting preferences, a notable shift towards valuing experiences over material possessions has emerged. Experiences offer a deeper and longer-lasting sense of fulfillment compared to physical items.

Unlike objects that fade into oblivion, experiences become integral to individuals' identities. The memories associated with experiences surpass those tied to traditional gifts such as hampers or wine bottles.

Bulk Employee Christmas Gift Cards

Why Experiential Gifts are Ideal for Christmas

  1. Sustainability: Experience gifts align with eco-conscious practices, reducing environmental impact compared to manufactured presents or plastic gift cards.
  2. Happiness boost: Engaging in experiences heightens positivity, fulfillment, productivity, and adaptability. Diverse experiences also foster improved communication and teamwork.
  3. Shared Memories: Experience gifts create shared memories that foster positive connections among employees, extending into the new year. Social media amplifies these positive memories.
  4. Personal and Unforgettable: Experience gifts anchor us in the present, forging connections with people and places. Experiences shared with loved ones create enduring memories of company appreciation.

Employee Spa Gift Cards

Unveiling Adventurous Christmas Gifts

Recognizing diverse interests, Gifting Owl offers thrilling experiences that foster camaraderie:

Rock Climbing & Abseiling:

Foster teamwork with rock climbing experiences suitable for beginners and seasoned climbers.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Elevate spirits with awe-inspiring aerial views during a hot air balloon ride.


Satiate adrenaline junkies with the unforgettable rush of skydiving, leaving an indelible mark.

White Water Rafting

Encourage collaboration and lasting memories with a white water rafting adventure.

Staff Experience Gift Vouchers

Culinary Delights and Wellbeing

Cooking Classes

Nurture teamwork and delight foodies with cooking classes that culminate in delectable meals.

Winery Tour

Delight wine enthusiasts with vineyard tours that combine flavor exploration and winemaking knowledge.

Spa Days and Massages

Prioritize employee wellbeing with relaxation through spa days and tailored massages.

Wholesale gifts can also be a consideration if you're looking to make a grand gesture. However, it's crucial to be aware of the tax rules associated with corporate gifts. Offering valuable items or experiences may be considered a taxable benefit for employees, so it's wise to consult the relevant regulations to ensure compliance. Additionally, keep in mind the reporting obligations that may come with providing such benefits.

To accurately assess the combined cost of these initiatives within a given tax year, it's advisable to work closely with your finance and HR departments. Balancing the joy of experiential gifts with adherence to tax regulations is key to a successful and appreciated holiday gesture. For small-scale gifts, you may be eligible for trivial benefits which have a head limit and don't incur tax implications. Remember, employees may be required to pay tax on certain benefits, and staying informed can ensure a seamless celebration.

Food and Drink Gifts for Employees

Unforgettable Moments Await

As the festive season nears, Gifting Owl stands ready to craft unforgettable employee holiday gift experiences. Empower employees with memories that resonate for years, investing in their happiness and loyalty.

By offering personalized, enriching experiences, you're investing in your team's happiness and bolstering their loyalty. With options that cater to every interest and budget, Gifting Owl provides a gateway to appreciation that transcends traditional gifting.

By offering Christmas gift cards, cash bonuses, non-cash vouchers, and Christmas parties, staff will remain motivated and satisfied with their job. Gifting Owl offers the perfect solution for you to show your appreciation for employees this holiday season.

Don't forget to include some fun party toys to infuse a sense of joy and festivity into your Christmas parties!


Iconic Activity Vouchers for Staff Christmas Gifts

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Instead of adding yet another task to your list this silly season, let us take this one off your hands. With decades of experience in delivering unforgettable employee holiday gift ideas, our team is ready to help you create fantastic memories for your team this Christmas with some unbelievable holiday gifts. 

If you’re interested in giving your staff more adventurous holiday gifts this year, we would love to hear from you. No need to wait for any 'order shipped' notification as everything is instantly delivered digitally. Visit the contact us page and we’ll put you in touch with our corporate account team.

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