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Diving and Snorkelling Gift Vouchers Certificates

Diving and Snorkelling Gift Vouchers  Certificates

We all know them. Those friends who, once summer rolls around, can always be found in their swimsuit by the sea, soaking up the sun’s rays or, more likely, within the ocean waves.

In a world that’s 71% water, it’s no wonder that so many people seek to enjoy their lives on the open water!

So next time you’re in need of a present for the water lovers in your life, consider gifting a snorkelling or scuba diving gift voucher. There are endless underwater adventures to be had within the depths of the ocean, no matter whether you choose to paddle the water’s surface and snorkel or breathe underwater with a scuba diving experience.

Everyone can enjoy the magic of the world beneath the waves, no matter the age, location or experience. At Gifting Owl, we offer countless snorkelling and diving gift experiences that will be sure to leave a lasting memory for whoever you choose to gift it to.

Snorkelling Gifts:

For those who prefer calmer waters or are perhaps a little nervous about what’s beneath the surface, a snorkelling gift is the perfect way to experience life under the sea. Suitable even for beginners, a snorkelling experience typically takes place in clear, shallow water and allows for free exploration of the ocean floor, as snorkeler's float amongst the surface of the water. Once the provided wetsuit, snorkel mask and flippers are on, your gift recipient will be ready for all the ocean floor has to offer!

Snorkelling is the ideal way to explore the beautiful coral reefs found within the world’s stunning tropical oceans. Surrounded by colourful coral and pristine, turquoise water, snorkeler's will be in for a treat as they swim amongst vibrant tropical fish. If travelling with kids, hear their delight as they spot Nemo and Dory, although we’ll guarantee that even the adults will be excited to see these family favourites. Yet, even in waters teeming with fish, they may not be the only creatures in which snorkelers can find themselves close and personal to. With our snorkelling gift vouchers, recipients may be lucky enough to swim amongst the likes of turtles, dolphins, manta rays, dugongs and even sharks!

Gifting a snorkelling experience is the perfect way for your ocean loving friends and family to experience the undersea world from the surface of the water.

Here are some of the world’s best snorkelling gift destinations:

Snorkel in Australia: Home to the world famous Great Barrier Reef and many others, we offer snorkelling experience gifts from coast to coast.

Snorkel in Iceland: The only place where you can glide between tectonic plates and float within pure glacial meltwater, our once in a lifetime Golden Circle snorkelling experience is the perfect gift for the friend visiting Iceland.

Snorkel in Jamaica: Experience the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea in Jamaica with snorkel gift experiences that allow recipients to cruise along the Jamaican coast, providing the perfect day of luxury and fun for the whole family.

Snorkel in Thailand: When in Thailand, check out our numerous snorkelling gifts that allow recipients to explore the waters of islands and caves, backdropped against stunning cliffs and pristine beaches.

Snorkel in Hawaii: Hawaii is considered a ‘snorkeler’s heaven’, so if you know someone heading there, consider giving the gift of experiencing some of the best snorkel spots the world has to offer.

Diving Gifts:

For those a little more adventurous and who really want to breathe underwater, a scuba diving gift is the way to go. A diving gift will allow your recipient to really explore the depths of the deep blue and will leave them feeling like creatures of the sea themselves. Better yet, a wide range of diving gifts are on offer at Gifting Owl, meaning anyone can dive into the deep end, no matter their experience level.

For scuba novices, treat them to the gift of an introductory diving experience, which is sure to inspire a long-term love of adventure beneath the sea. Or for those who want to take their diving hobby to the next level, why not gift a certified diver course, of which there are countless on offer. And once certified, the number of underwater adventures to be had extend immensely, with seemingly endless options to choose from.

Although the great depths of the ocean are still yet to be fully explored, there is still a huge variety of diving experiences available, so there’s sure to be an option available for every diver’s bucket list. Dive in coral reefs amongst thousands of fish or explore the wrecks of ships long forgotten. Brave diving with great white sharks or encounter the ocean floor after dark with a night diving experience. No matter which gift you choose, your recipient will return to shore with an unforgettable memory.

Here are some of the world’s best scuba diving gift destinations:

Scuba Dive in Australia: Boasting our largest number of diving gift experiences, Australia is home to some of the world’s best diving destinations.

Scuba dive in New Zealand: Considered a diving paradise or dream dive destination, New Zealand has a vast underwater world, so consider gifting that paradise to a friend next time they visit.

Scuba Dive in Panama: Possessing one of the most biodiverse ranges in the world, there aren’t many better places to explore the underwater world than in Panama so if you know someone visiting, gift them a diving experience they’ll never forget.

Scuba dive in the United States: From the world renowned coral reefs of Hawaii to the famous kelp forests of California, the United States has an expansive diving landscape, making it the perfect destination for a diving gift experience.

So next time you’re in search of a gift for your water loving friend, give them the ultimate underwater experience with a snorkelling or scuba diving gift voucher. With Gifting Owl, experiences are available globally, so your gift recipient can enjoy the open water anywhere and at anytime.

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