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Employee Welcome Gift Packs - What Not To Do

Employee Welcome Gift Packs - What Not To Do

Give your new colleague a first day experience to remember

It’s become the trendy thing to do, to give your employees gift boxes on their first day on the job. We get it, you just want to make your new hire's first day a memorable one, but showering them with corporate branded gifts and trinkets is now becoming a little stale. Instead of giving out more mass produced t-shirts that they’ll never wear, or mouse-pads they’ll never need, consider welcoming new staff with a memorable and sustainable gift instead.

At Gifting Owl, we've created a fun game to check if your on-boarding has become a little ordinary.

Let’s play welcome pack bingo!

How to play:

  • 1 point for each item in your welcome pack
  • 2 points if it's bonus square

We all know what happens to the swag from those welcome packs. They get photographed, posted on social media and then relegated to your employee's desk drawers, never to see the light of day.

Tip for Human Resources: you don’t need to buy new swag for each new employee, just raid the third drawer of a current or previous employee's desk.

Seriously though, there’s a lot of material that goes into these welcome packs that never really get used, unless you count wearing your corporate shirt when you’re painting your apartment.

At Gifting Owl, we believe you can do better for the planet and your people.

Why not give your employees an experience to really celebrate their first day?

Gifting Owl helps companies deliver their employees a life changing experience, in their home town or anywhere in the world.

So get in touch with our corporate team at Gifting Owl to see how you can reward your people with life changing experiences.

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