Corporate July 10 2018

Introducing your new corporate gifting platform - Gifting Owl

Introducing your new corporate gifting platform - Gifting Owl

What if instead of gaining another gift card to a department store, your employees or customers knew that they would be getting another step closer to experiencing an ATV tour in Iceland or a wine tasting tour in Margaret River? What if while they are on holidays with their family, your company was the reason that they were able to watch their kids learn to wakeboard?

That's where we come in... We're all about fearless gifting. Whoever is lucky enough to receive your gift gets to choose exactly how, when and where they want to take you up on it! Full flexibility and thousands of experiences to choose from in 90+ countries!

Looking for corporate gift ideas to reward your staff or customers with a memorable experience... look no further.

What if I want to gift an amount rather than an experience?

Hey, you’re the boss! You can gift $50 for hitting a KPI, $100 to say Merry Christmas or $20 as a small thank you for meeting that really tight deadline! You get to choose whatever works for you. Even if you were to gift an experience, it’s always exchangeable.

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