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Travel Influencers in Australia

Travel Influencers in Australia

With the advancement of internet technology and the increase of job opportunities this brings, the number of intrepid millennials is on the rise. Terms like 'digital nomad' and 'travel influencer' are cropping up in regular conversation - terms that didn't exist a decade ago, but are widely used in the new era of earning money whilst travelling. While the concept of earning money by posting photos online or writing blogs may seem bizarre, even ridiculous, to older generations, the prospect is very much a reality for many young entrepreneurs, and takes a lot more work than you may think.

To explore this phenomenon further, we reached out to a number of influential travel documenters in Australia to hear what they have to say about their work, lifestyle, and the reactions they receive from people when explaining what they do!

A Travellers Footsteps


IG: @atravellersfootsteps

What's your favourite part of what do you? 

To be honest, I love everything about it. I love travelling the world with a camera in hand, capturing my adventures. But mostly I love sharing travel tips and destinations guides with my readers. There is nothing more exciting than having someone reach out and tell you that you inspired them to travel.

How did you get into travel documenting? 

Since I first started travelling I had an immediate passion for taking photos and sharing my travel stories and tips. Someone actually suggested that I start a travel blog, so I did and from there my interest in sharing my travels has only grown. 

Do you have any exciting plans for the future you can tell us about?

This year I will be road tripping and camping around Australia. I will spend most of my time in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. I can't wait to finally explore my own country!

Trip In A Van


IG: @tripinavan

YT: TripInAVan

Trip In A Van is a travel blog run by Justin and Bec Lorrimer and their three kids, documenting their journey around Australia as a family unit. Deciding to travel full time nearly four years ago, the Lorrimers are experts on what it takes to sustain this kind of lifestyle, so we were very excited to catch up with them earlier this week for a chat!

Hi Justin & Bec! First off, how did you get into travel documenting?

We simply started up a Facebook and Instagram page to document our travels. Then went on to provide information about budgeting, travelling with kids and destinations. 

What's your favourite part of what do you?

Family time, the kids are still so little and we feel very grateful we can spend their young years all together. It goes by way too quick!

What's your least favourite part of what you do?

Missing our family.

Do you ever get a negative reaction to what you do?

Negative reactions are very rare, but it’s social media so of course we come across some negativity. Everyone has an opinion!

Melissa Findley


IG: @melissafindley

Melissa Findley is a travel photographer who has journeyed around the world capturing incredible images, photographing everything from tall mountains to deep oceans and amazing animals. When the images are as good as this, it's easy to see how someone could make a living travelling the world, but we still wanted to ask Melissa exactly what it is about travel photography that's so special.

What do you love most about what you do?

With my camera I aim to capture and share each uniquely beautiful, and often indescribable moment, connecting with others through both a photograph and a string of carefully selective, descriptive words. As a photographer and story-teller I am really passionate about sharing the beauty of the natural world, chasing that standing-on-the-edge-of-the-earth feeling (most likely with tear-stain cheeks) and through my art, I hope to inspire others to get outside and explore off the beaten track. I love using photography to connect others with the natural world and find the peace that comes from spending time in the wilderness. 

Kylie Sheridan


IG: @travel_herethere

Kylie Sheridan is a destination and wedding photographer in Western Australia, dedicated to travelling the world and sharing her incredible images with over 30,000 Instagram followers. With a husband and 4yo son, we wanted to know how she balances family life with global travel, so we caught up with Kylie for a quick chat!

How did your travel photography journey begin? 

I first began documenting my travel when my family moved to South Korea for work. Our Son Sebastian was only 3 months old when we left home so I really wanted to keep track of his travels in a fun way.

What's the best part of travelling with a young family? 

Definitely the new experiences with our little guy. His little mind is blown almost everyday from different languages and cultures. Its a great feeling watching his little being grow from this type of exposure of the world.

What's your least favourite part of what you do? 

I honestly don't hate much about being a travel photographer but I probably should mention the harsh realities of big flights with a young one. Not all the flights go smoothly and sometimes we are battling a 1 meter ninja threatening to kick us in the shins if we don't give him more sugar. Pretty hectic considering other passengers are so close by.

How many hours do you spend a week building your brand? 

Depending on how much study and work I have it varies a lot. Some weeks I really struggle to get online to update our travels and I am slowly learning to manage my time better.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future you can tell us about?

I'm currently looking at working In India this year for a few weeks. I also have a snow trip planned for Mt Buller around August!

Georgia Kelleher


IG: @georgiakelleher

At only 23 years old, Georgia Kelleher has amassed a following of nearly 50,000 Instagram followers, and is taking the Aussie travel influencer world by storm. Her blog features a mix of social media tips, travel guides, and easy to follow articles for budding influencers - this week we spoke to Georgia to find out more!

Where did your love for photography come from?

I grew up spending a lot of time in my family's camera store developing film and printing photos of people's adventures all over the world, so I've always had a camera in hand. When I started working full time in digital marketing it was important to experiment with Instagram as a platform and for me that meant sharing photos from my own travels. 

What do you love most about being a travel influencer?

Forming connections and building relationships with people from all over the world who have a similar passion for travel and social media.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

I've recently quit my job to spend more time travelling and exploring. Our first stops in 2019 will be Sri Lanka, India and Bali!

Liam Pozz

IG: @liampozz

YT: LiamPozz

Liam Pozz is a Sydney based photographer who specialises in drone footage and photoshop illusions, creating mind-bending images designed to trick the eye, and incredible aerial shots that capture iconic places from new perspectives. His photography has taken him around Australia and south east Asia, amassing a loyal following over nearly 9,000 Instagram fans. Here's what he had to say when we contacted him earlier in the week.

How did you get into travel photography? 

I've always had an interest in photography, in the past I captured a lot of sports photography including surfing and mountain bike riding. I then slowly transitioned into taking shots from around my home city of Sydney and in broader parts of New South Wales capturing many iconic landmarks and landscapes.

What's your favourite part of what do you? 

My favourite part about photography, is being able to capture the world around me through my own perspective and being able to share those perspectives to people around the globe. 

Do you have any exciting plans for the future you can tell us about?

For the future I hope to be able to travel more and expand my photography skills and reach. Some dream places would include New York City, Hong Kong and Tokyo, just to name a few. 

Josh Britton

IG: @joshbritton_

Josh is a Sydney-based photographer who does epic edits on his shots, turning ordinary images into amazing starry-skied scenes and landscapes with an ethereal beauty. This week we spoke to him about early mornings, future travel plans, and handling negative feedback.

Hey Josh, thanks for talking to us! What's your favourite part of what do you? 

My favourite part is capturing an image that only I can capture. Not the actual image itself, but more so speaking capturing that one moment that has passed at that time. 


What's your least favourite part of what you do? 

Definitely the early wake up calls for the sunrise! Haha

How many hours do you spend a week building your brand? 

I spend any where between 4-12 hours a week, depending how hectic everything is. 

Do you have any exciting plans for the future you can tell us about?

YES! I will be travelling the south coast of Australia in February and hopefully be spending a few weeks in travelling around New Zealand towards the end of the year.

Do you ever get a negative reaction to what you do?

Yes. In every profession there will be some form of negative reaction whether internal or external. In photography there can be open minded creators who give positive and constructive criticism on your work and there are those who are close minded and negative towards your work. I always think it's some form of jealousy on their behalf. I never see a point to having a negative reaction to someones work as it won't allow them to grow as a photographer or creator. 

Photo credit: Melissa Findley

We hope this article helps put travel documenting into perspective, and brings home the reality of earning money whilst working abroad in this new era of digital technology. Whether it's juggling freelance work, a young family, or missing your loved ones from home, travelling can have its downsides, but judging by these photos we guarantee it's all worth it in the end...

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert.

Huge thanks to everyone who agreed to speak to us, and if you're interested in realising your travel influencer dreams then contact us about our Ambassador Program - who knows where it will take you!

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