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Take to the skies with a unique and unforgettable flying experience, choosing from cities and scenic spots around the world. Whether it's hot air ballooning, skydiving, microlighting, or just a helicopter experience for two, there are plenty of ways to experience the beauty of the Earth from the vantage point of the sky.

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Give The Gift Of Flight

Get your friend or loved one set for take-off with the gift of flight. There’s nothing like an airborne adventure to get the adrenalin flowing. Looking down on the world gives you a completely different perspective on a place. In the space of a single adventure, your giftee will see it all. From high in the sky they can see the lay of the land. How the mountains of the hinterland fall and merge with the populated coastal fringe. The patchwork-like patterns of the city gridlines and where they give way to a deep blue ocean that stretches out along the horizon for as far as the eye can see.

Skydiving Experiences

Gifting Owl has all types of thrilling flight adventures. It depends on how your friend or family like their adventure served up. For those who love to live on the edge and test their fearlessness against any challenge, airborne adventure seems like a natural choice. These are the people ready for something extreme. A tandem skydive from 14,000 feet up is probably just the ticket. Or doing loop the loops and other acrobatics feats in the front seat of an airplane built to take on gravitational extremes might be a great alternative.

The hardest part is always taking that step. But once done you’re totally in the moment, hurtling towards earth in freefall, cheeks stretched to the limit and the air pressure so great you can hardly breathe - 9,000 feet.in just 60 seconds. Then in what seems like an instant, the parachute releases, temporarily jerking you skyward, before you glide gently to the ground, like a bird, sailing on the wind as you soak up every second of the experience. The skill of acrobatic pilots is nothing less than incredible. They are experts when it comes to channelling the skies, reading the wind drifts and going with the flow. With barrel rolls, loop the loops, hammerhead turns and other gravity-defying tricks up their sleeve, they are the masters of thill-a-minute aerial rollercoaster rides. Flying upside down is definitely a different way to see the world. It’s also comforting to know that very few people feel queasy as a consequence, so you can gift with confidence.

Hot Air Ballooning Experiences

For a softer flight adventure, hot air ballooning is a magnificent natural experience. There's something very romantic about a hot air balloon. It feels like you are harking back to the earliest years of flight travel - the cane gondola, the naked flame that fuels the harlequin-coloured balloon, the gentle lift-off and the feeling of floating your way across the sky. You can gift a flight that will take your giftee over the paddocks and hills of the countryside or above city suburbs. Either way, every flight is a spectacular scenic event. The romance of hot air ballooning makes it the perfect celebratory gift for engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Or something to make that noteworthy birthday a treasured memory forever. Some experiences include a post-flight champagne breakfast or picnic hamper, definitely a must if you'd like to add a touch of refinement to finish off the experience.

Parasailing And Helicopter Tours

Parasailing and helicopter flights are always hot favourites when it comes to holiday adventuring. They are the quintessential companion of every great escape. Most coastal holiday destinations offer parasailing adventures and Gifting Owl makes it easy to find, book and pay for a parasail while your giftee is soaking up the sunshine and sea in a heavenly faraway place. From the advantage of the parasail, they’ll be able to spot marine animals in the water below and trace the coastline awash with a sea of colour as sun lovers sprawl along the shore, swimming and making the most of their summer break. Helicopter flights are a fantastic way to see just about every type of place on earth. They are windows from the sky, hovering over the most awe-inspiring natural and city sites. Tours are usually focused on the hard to reach places, too big or too remote to access or do in a day. Depending on where your someone special is, a flight can take them over mountain tops, into deep canyons, across lakes, along glaciers, or over a city skyline. If you’re thinking of gifting a city flight, dawn and dusk are wonderful times to fly, with enough light to enjoy the scenery but with the added beauty of twinkling lights that make the cityscape glisten. If you’re planning to gift a friend and family member with an adrenaline-packed flying adventure, it’s a good idea to keep the weather in mind.


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