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Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

Come fly up, up and away on a helicopter ride over the city and its landmarks. Enjoy the feeling of floating mid-air as you take off in your helicopter for an experience to remember. Sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful views that surround you. Your experienced tour guide will share their knowledge throughout your flight to make your tour unforgettable.

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Give The Gift Of Flight With A Helicopter Tour

Helicopter flights are a universally loved and exciting holiday or special occasion adventure. They are scenic splendour on a huge scale. Like giant drones, helicopters give you both spectacularly broad and seriously close up aerial views of the lay of the land. Helicopters can take you to places that are otherwise almost impossible to see. They can hover over the top spots in any tour journey such as oceans, lakes, volcanoes, cliffs, cityscapes and wild countryside so you can take in the world around you from completely new and different perspectives. When you are up there, it’s like nothing else you have ever experienced before.

Helicopter Experiences Across The Globe

Even a brief look at Gifting Owl’s helicopter tour catalogue will wow you with options that promise to take you or your giftee to some of the world’s most amazing, remote, rugged and difficult to get to places on earth. Just to name a few, The Grand Canyon in the USA, Southern Alps of New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the geysers, glaciers, volcanos and northern lights of Iceland, the cityscapes of New York and Dubai are just a some of what’s possible to see. Helicopter tours are exhilarating and certainly get the adrenaline pumping. And like all adventures, there are things to consider when choosing your helicopter gift. Tours can be pricey too, so here’s a quick tick list to help get you. What are the special landmarks in the destination?

Choose a tour that covers the key places of interest to your giftee - city, marine, mountains, etc. What would they like to see? If it’s a city tour you’re after, after-dark tours of the city lights can be just as scenically beautiful as a day tour. What time of year is your giftee likely to be in the destination? Clear blue sky and bright weather days are best for taking a helicopter tour. A clear autumn day can be beautiful with the ground blanketed in the warm reds and yellows of the autumn leaves. Snow-capped mountains are also a wondrous sight but again, best seen on a clear day. People often describe helicopter rides like being on a rollercoaster because they can move and turn very quickly. Strong winds can also buffer the helicopter and make the trip unpleasant.

Avoid times of the year that are traditionally windy. Marine and wild nature helicopter tours are often the most popular when animals and sea life are migrating. Checking the migration patterns for the destination is definitely worth it. How long is your giftee in the destination? This might also have a bearing on how long the helicopter flight might go for. For example, if your giftee is in the destination for only a few hours or brief stopover the flight will need to be easy to access and relatively short.

On the other hand, the longer your gift recipient is staying in the destination, the better. The flight can take much longer and include other activities. And if the weather has closed in, they have the time to wait for it to clear. Once you’ve answered these few questions and selected the perfect gift, you will no doubt want to send it with a special message and best wishes. Now, this is your chance to share a tip or two of your own. And you don’t have to spare your words either because Gifting Owl messages give you 500 characters to play with. In particular, you can give your giftee clues on what to wear and what to carry. While some tour operators differ in what to wear, every good helicopter tour company has a passenger dress code. The standard tour recommendations include wearing comfortable dark clothing; light colours reflect on the windows and can stop you from getting the best view, long pants, closed shoes and a jacket with deep or zip pockets for storing your phone. Tours will often recommend for people with long hair to tie it back and ask passengers to avoid wearing long jewellery or taking loose items on board. Then add kisses and hugs, press send and your job is done!

One of the great benefits of buying a gift through Gifting Owl is that the vouchers are current for three years. Better still, if the person you are gifting has second thoughts on your choice of gift, they can transfer or exchange it for any other adventure in our catalogue. The point is, gifting through us is risk-free. You can also opt to buy a voucher and leave the picking and choosing of that adventure of a lifetime in the hands of your giftee.

A helicopter tour is one of those unforgettable gifts that will thrill anyone keen to defy gravity and like a bird discover what it is to experience a place, a special part of the world, the awesome power and beauty of nature at its best. Happy gifting!

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