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Winery Tours

Winery Tours

A vineyard tour and wine tasting experience is the perfect gift idea for your vino loving partner, BFF or work wife. Winery experiences are a romantic day out for two and make a perfect engagement or wedding gift to give the loved up couple in your life. Often paired with a delicious lunch and stunning views of the grapevines, this gift is just as relaxing as it is delicious!

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For Those Who Love A Glass Or Two!

Around the world, wine has been celebrated for as long as humankind has been growing grapes. For those who love a glass or two, or dare we say it, even more, wine is the nectar of the gods. We pair our food with wine, celebrate with it, raise a glass in honour of the dear departed and in the Christain faith take it as part of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. Why not gift it? Gifting Owl has many Winery tours across the globe.

Needless to say, for many of us, wine plays a big part in our lives. For this reason alone, we know you’ll love browsing through our Gifting Owl pages for winery experiences to gift your friends and loved ones whether they are at home or abroad. In Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, wineries are a huge attraction for visitors who can’t wait to sample the wine varieties made from the local grapes of the region.

The great thing is, every winery and vineyard is different. Wineries specialise in the wines they produce based on several key factors. The environment plays a massive role in the finished product. The soil quality and the amount of water available to the crops, the climate and general temperature fluctuations of the region, the average amount of daily sunshine and the species of grapes that grow best in that location all work together in determining the outcome. Of course, Mother Nature is never entirely predictable, so variations occur, even when the wine is produced in the same way from grapes grown in the same paddock.

Good vintage versus ordinary vintage is dictated by even the most subtle changes in conditions. Along with the difference in how the wine hits the palate, the difference in price tag can also be surprising. This is the main reason why visiting the cellar doors of wineries in the countries you visit can be so exciting and rewarding.

You never know what you’re likely to unearth. As the saying goes, wine makes every table more elegant. Apart from great friends, food is the best accompaniment for wine. Food complements wine in a myriad of ways. A dish, type of cheese or dessert can have a remarkable effect on enhancing the flavours of the wine. Many wineries have a restaurant, or at the very least complementary foods to serve at a tasting that will bring out the best in their wines. Wineries also frequently work with other local food producers to bring farm-fresh paddock to plate offerings to their tables.

Regions can be famous for a particular dish or type of food, and these will often feature on the menu. Wineries with restaurants also have sommeliers on hand to help guests pair wines with their menu selections. These kinds of refined food and drink experiences are especially perfect for celebrating those big occasions - anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, successes or special treats for no reason other than you love to spoil someone or to be spoiled every now and then.

Finding The Perfect Gift For A Wine Lover

As far as gifting goes, if you are looking for a gift recipient who loves their food and wine, we have lots of fabulous winery tours to recommend, in countries across the globe. To make the most of any winery experience it’s good to have some clue what you’re looking for. Flavour is an individual thing. It doesn’t matter how much wine might cost per bottle, if you don’t like it, you won’t enjoy it. And let’s face it, wine’s number one purpose is your enjoyment. That is another excellent reason why you should visit wineries and do the tastings.

There is a process with tastings. The first step is to look at the colour and clarity of the wine. This will change depending on the type of wine you are sampling, but as you get familiar with wines, you can pretty much tell by looking at whether you’re going to like it or not. You swirl the wine in the glass to release the flavours - try not to spill it though - a gentle swirl is fine. Next, taste the wine (it’s often good to let the wine roll around in your mouth) and take note of the hints of flavour on your palate. It’s fun comparing what you can pick up.

Some descriptions can get quite exotic, mind you! And lastly, there’s the finish. The finish is the taste you are left with after you’ve swallowed the wine. Some wines can taste delicious going down, but the finish might not match up. It’s important to enjoy every stage. Perhaps the most famous of the European countries for wine experiences are Italy, France and Spain.

If your gift recipient is travelling to any of these countries, they will not be short of choice when it comes to wineries, and you won’t be short of gift options either. Wines here are known by their region rather than the actual grape varieties used.

Wine Tours Around The Globe

For example, In France, champagne is from the Champagne region, Bordeaux is from Bordeaux, and so on. In Spain, everyone goes out for tapas, and while the Spaniards often accompany their tapas with Vermouth, the wine of the region is also a solid favourite. In Italy, there’s nothing better than a Nebbiolo or Lambrusco with an antipasto platter.

On the other side of the world, the Pacific region can boast a few countries that have won notoriety for their wines. America has excellent wine growing regions in California, Oregon and Texas while New Zealand and Australia are strong wine producers too.

Wherever your gift recipient is or places to visit, you are sure to find a delicious and delightful vineyard experience to make their day. All Gifting Owl experiences are exchangeable, so if your gift recipient finds it hard to squeeze in their winery experience gift in one destination, they can use it on another experience down the track.

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