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Hotel Getaways

Hotel Getaways

Nothing takes the guesswork out of gift-giving like a hotel gift card! We all know someone needing a long holiday away or a one-night staycation. The best part? All Gifting Owl gift vouchers can be exchanged for any other experience or hotel stay. The lucky gift receiver can even choose another overseas destination if they wish! What are you waiting for?

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Perfect Gift For Travellers

Gifting Owl has the largest range of hotel gift cards and gifts on offer globally. So, if you want to treat your friend with a hotel gift card, you’re in the right place! Not sure where they’d like to go? From scuba diving on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, to sailing Sydney Harbour or even trying your hand at roulette in Las Vegas or afternoon tea in the UK, there are so many hotel locations available!

After receiving their gift voucher, they can choose from any available one-night accommodation package in a destination of their choice. A city escape may be the change of scenery they need! Treat them to a one or two-night getaway to explore the city with their partner or best friend is an unforgettable gift experience.

Worldwide Destinations

Choose hotels close to their home, or switch it up and pick a beach destination you know they’ve always wanted to visit. Hotel gift vouchers are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether for friends, family or colleagues.

Hotel vouchers let you choose a country getaway package for one or two nights for them to do just that! Other than relaxing with a book, taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying delicious food and wine, there’s nothing else they’d rather be doing. A hotel gift card is the perfect gift idea for your upcoming anniversary.

Romantic Weekend Away

Surprise your other half with hotel vouchers: a romantic weekend getaway just the two of you. Make note of the destinations they’ve been talking about visiting for years, and show them you’ve been listening. A gift for both of you to enjoy, a one or two-night escape away from the realities of home will put the spark back in your relationship. A romantic weekend away to soak up the joy of their recent engagement is the perfect gift idea- pick a hotel with a luxury room and even a spa- a weekend break they'll appreciate.

Personalised Hotel Gift Voucher

You’ll get the chance to write a special message at the checkout, where if you’re feeling cheeky - you can even specify they have to take you along! A hotel getaway is a birthday gift like no other, one they’ll remember forever. Without a doubt, Gifting Owl hotel gift cards are the perfect gift for travellers. If they’re always moving from place to place, a physical gift is both impractical and dull; gift vouchers are more suitable.

Hotel vouchers will let them spend time together- something you know they treasure - something for their travels! With a global range of hotels at their fingertips, they can spend their gift voucher when and where they please. From the bright lights of Bangkok to the crystal-clear waters of Western Australia, the options are endless.

There’s no need to worry whether you’ve chosen the right voucher; they’re sure to find an experience they’ll love on our Gifting Owl website.

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