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Easy kids gift ideas that will inspire wonder and lasting memories. Our family adventure tours are found all over the globe and can cater to all ages and preferences. Buy a simple birthday gift card for kids and see the adventures that are possible!

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Easy Gifts For Kids

Kids love action-packed adventures. They also love to learn. Put those two things together and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a gift that is sure to bring big smiles to the child you have in mind. Kids learn best when they’re having fun. They are always exploring, wanting to know more and discover more about the world. If you’re a parent, you’ll know the drill of answering a million questions on just about every topic imaginable.

Kids get super excited even about the simple things in life so, giving an adventure gift is destined to be one of those ultimate discovery moments in their lives - like a forager striking gold! They’ll remember it forever. Kids gifts are gifts for the whole family. If child your looking to give to is under aged under 16, its usual for families to be in the picture. So, if it’s not your child, it’s wise to check with their parents what gifts work best for everyone. Having said that people of all ages love animals. But overall, animals and kids seem to share a natural affinity.

Animal Experiences

Gifting Owl has lots of animal encounters in a range of locations that will get your child connected to the animal kingdom in no time at all. The gift of a farm tour will be a real treat for kids, especially if their home is more along the lines of a concrete jungle. Farm tours are usually highly interactive, engaging the child in the daily chores of a typical barnyard, feeding, grooming, leading and petting all kinds of livestock including chickens, donkeys, pigs, horses, cows, ducks, alpacas and even guinea pigs! Most farm adventures include horse and pony rides. These are short discovery trail rides over the farm paddocks to learn more about where and how the animals live. It will be easy for your child to be smitten with all their new farm friends. Some farms specify a minimum age, usually between 5 to 6 years old, and ask for an adult to accompany the child to help with confidence building and safety. You can find farm tour gifts suitable for kids in several Gifting Owl locations.

Zoo adventures allow kids to see and learn more about wild animals and their native habitats. These days zoos go to extraordinary lengths to create the natural environments specific to the needs of each species. Much care is taken to ensure the animals are happy and healthy with the room and food they need to thrive. Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, is world renowned for its exotic animals. Both fierce and friendly, animals, mammals, reptiles and marine life are kept and cared for, from snapping crocodiles to cuddly koalas, lions, tigers, snakes and turtles. Zoos tend to be famous for one particular species. For example, Australia Zoo has its crocs, while Thailand’s Chiang Mai Zoo has Pandas and Argentina’s zoos are famous for their tigers. Most zoos offer the chance for a close encounter or two, which always adds a special treat to the experience. Wildlife encounters in the wild are totally wild! Wading into the sea to hand feed wild dolphins, swimming with seals, turtles, whale sharks, manta ray and tropical fish are experiences your child will never forget. You can never predict what will happen on these types of tours, the nature of nature is to be unpredictable. But when you connect with animals in the wild it’s exhilaration x 10.

Adventure Gift Experiences

Gifting kids an adventure park tour is likely to have them zipping through mountain ranges, straddling treetops or dangling from a cliff face at the end of a rope and more. Let’s face it, most kids love to climb and more than one has tried to fly.

At-height adventures include zip lines, high ropes courses, abseiling, rock climbing and tight rope walking, suspended bridge walks, canopy tours and a multitude of speciality high adventure rides are awesome experiences that will keep kids entertained for hours. Be sure to check minimum age/weight requirements because they do vary and such things as suitable clothing, restricted items and any other safety terms and conditions to ensure your child is properly geared up and clued up for fun. Kids are natural explorers and guided tours that take them into remote areas where they discover waterfalls, rock pools, deep canyons or caves are as exciting as they are challenging. The wild caves of Norway and Jenolan Caves of Australia are examples of great caving adventures that will have kids enthralled. They’ll learn about the geography of the region, how the caves came about, how stalagmites and stalactites form and the beautiful ecosystems at play. Chances are, your nature-inspired gift will often have other adventures happening in the same area. If you’re a family travelling to a place to have an adventure, it’s good to check out what else is on offer so you can make more of the time you have there.

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