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Discover a new city or landscape with an entertaining and informative sightseeing tour, choosing from hundreds around the world. Whether it's photography tours, bike tours or winery tours, book instantly online using live calendar technology and start exploring today!

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Give The Gift Of Travel 

Discover the world on tour! There are such magnificent places in our beautiful big wide world to see, learn about and experience. Adventure comes easily to those who seek it, but adventure comes to everyone on a tour. Tours are the fast track to fun, knowledge, new skills and hobbies. If your gift recipient is on their own journey of discovery and somewhat in a hurry, an adventure or experience tour is the quick and safe way to treat them with something special.

Tour gifts are always a great choice for travellers of any age, in any country, at any time of the year. They take the stress out of finding your way in unfamiliar territory and fill you in on all the facts as well as the fun stuff. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with do-it-yourself seek and find, and getting lost in a destination can lead to a whole lot of unplanned fun and adventure. But, if you want your gift recipient to relax, take it all in, learn and get the most out of the experience, a guided tour is a great option.

Guided Tours

Guided tour gifts include commentary or interpretive information that give your gift recipient a much deeper understanding of what they’re seeing. However, not all tours are about sightseeing. They are very often interactive adventures, where the experience is in the doing. Connecting with wildlife, nature, the arts, history and culture on a tour can be especially inspiring. If your gift recipient is highly engaged in an adventure, chances are it will spark something inside - a new passion or pastime. These sometimes-incidental consequences enrich life in ways that cannot be imagined until they happen. A Moose Safari at Skärsjön, Sweden, offers amazing insights into these majestic animals, the Swedish wilderness. Moose are the largest of the deer species and are the target of game hunters in the summer months. Though moose tend to be shy, your gift recipient will get to see them in the wild and other local creatures who inhabit the forest.

Your gift recipient may be so moved by the experience they’ll commit to helping protect the moose and its habitat. If your giftee is in Portugal and they’re the arty type, you may give them a tour that involves learning about the ancient art of tile painting and trying their hand at the techniques on their own tile. This could easily introduce them to a new medium they’ll love working with and continue to learn about and practise long after they’ve returned home.

Tour guides are specialists in their field. They love to share their stories and knowledge with others. Tour guides always have their routines down pat; a tried and true formula that’s been practised and honed over time. Depending on the tour gift you choose, the rule of thumb is generally to look for the smaller group tours or even check premium tours for exclusive encounters and adventures. Smaller group and exclusive tours are more personal, connective, informative and relaxed. Your gift recipient will get to ask more questions, delve more deeply into the experience and hear more of those little gems of stories that are sometimes lost on large group tours.

Food Tours

Gifting Owl is filled with food tour options. It’s a fact that food is celebrated everywhere. Local cuisine reflects the place and culture. Food prepared and shared is at the heart of the family home, fun times with friends, and community and cultural celebrations. We eat to live, but most of all we eat for pleasure. There are food gifts in just about every Gifting Owl destination from high-end Gourmet restaurants where tantalizing Chef specialities are elegantly served by wait staff dressed in crisp white uniforms to hosted home-cooked meals where language barriers are broken down and the laughs and learnings roll on through the night. Or cooking classes that teach traditional cuisine and give your giftee new skills and new dishes to dine on for years to come.

Winery and Brewery Tours

Winery and brewery tours are also a delicious and delightful way for your gift recipient to experience a region. In many places, the breweries and vineyards are like mini marketplaces. Wine and beer tours often showcase more than their own produce with tastings of high-quality and traditional foods of the area and souvenir bottles and jars for sale for those who want to savour the flavours again and again.

Water Tours

Water tours are popular too. Boating, fishing, sailing and swimming, paddle boarding, surfing and more are all in the mix of experiences on offer. If your gift recipient is a water baby at heart, they’ll be sure to get a kick out of a kayaking adventure from the tropical turquoise waters of Thailand to the Iceland lakes of Stokkseyri. Bathing in the hot springs of Belek, swimming in the blue lagoons of a Jamaican jungle or snorkelling on the coral reefs of Queensland teeming with tropical fish and alive with colour are experiences of a lifetime.

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