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10 Fantastic Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him in 2020

10 Fantastic Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him in 2020

Forget the standard box of chocolates and the corny Valentine’s card, make 2020 extraordinary by kicking the year off with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he’ll never forget. Each year couples around the globe celebrate February 14th with the same classic traditions. Here at Gifting Owl, we want to help you reinvigorate your Valentine's Day with our extensive range of Valentine’s experiences that’ll make for the perfect gift for him. To celebrate the new decade, we have carefully curated a list containing a variety of options perfect for any candidate. For those looking to get closer with their special valentine, a Gifting Owl experience is bound to be an incredible bonding experience for both of you. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for her don’t forget to read our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2020. 


Gift Idea 1: Cruise Dining


They say food is the way to a man’s heart, and what better way to splash things up this Valentine’s Day than by savouring a delicious meal with him on serene waters. There is something profoundly calming about water that makes for a truly relaxing dining experience. Gifting Owl is host to a variety of unforgettable cruise dining experiences in which you can spend some intimate one-on-one time to reconnect with him, washing away the many distractions of everyday life. He’ll be in awe of the marvellous food and stunning views (of you of course!) on any one of these indulgent tours. He’ll be upset to return to land after such a romantic evening out with you!


Gift Idea 2: Photo Tour 


If your man is a serious photographer, a budding amateur or just loves to get the camera out whenever the moment calls for it, get him the thoughtful gift of a photography tour. Together explore a city or town of your choice with the help of a professional photographer by your side feeding you both first-rate tips and tricks of a true expert. Gifting Owl offers a large selection of photography tours all over the globe suitable for any level of expertise. You’ll both be professional photographers in no time. He’ll always cherish these stunning photos that make for a perfect way to remember his Valentine’s Day 2020 with you.      

Gift Idea 3: Hot Air Balloon Ride 


The Hot Air Balloon Ride is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day 2020 (if he isn't too afraid of heights!). Considered one of the most romantic experiences for couples in the world and the commonplace of many extraordinary marriage proposals. It’s the perfect blend of romance and thrill. Get lost in the breath-taking views below as you spend a romantic journey floating smoothly across the sky with him. Another perfect way to get away from everyday life in a majestic moment that’ll seem so far from reality. Make sure to leave him bragging to his mates about his Valentine's Day this year by gifting him one of our many enchanting hot air balloon experiences.  


Gift idea 4: Driving 

If your husband, fiancée or boyfriend lives and breathes all things cars and automobiles get him the gift he’s always wanted, a fast-paced adrenaline-pumping day out with a unique driving experience. Get him behind the wheel with one of our many exciting gifts in this category. From an adventurous and leisurely quad bike tours that you could both enjoy to an extreme one-on-one drifting experience with a master, Gifting Owl has a wide range of one-of-a-kind experiences bound to leave all his mates jealous. Book today and put the pedal to the metal this Valentine's Day!  


Gift idea 5: Wine Tasting


For a more traditional take on Valentine’s Day, gift him a leisurely tour through a scenic vineyard or a luxurious sit-down wine tasting. Whether he’s a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply enjoys a glass every now and then, there is bound to be a perfect experience for the two of you within Gifting Owl’s extensive range of wine activities. Nothing says romance more than two lovers indulging in a ravishing bottle of wine.   

Gift idea 6: Skydiving

For an adrenaline junkie, consider the truly unforgettable gift of the ultimate adrenaline rush, skydiving. Money can’t buy anything more thrilling than this life-changing freefall. With all of the Skydiving experiences on Gifting Owl offering video and photos to be purchased, he’ll be showing off his skydiving face for years to come! Win your valentine over with an insane skydiving experience he will always remember you by. Whether or not you decide to join him up there is the real question!

Gift Idea 7: Authentic Culinary Experience 


Gifting Owl is home to an extensive selection of amazing authentic culinary experiences that make for a very personal and wholesome evening. People from all over the globe will warmly welcome you into their home and introduce the two of you to their dining culture and home cuisine making for a very charming Valentine’s activity. Many of these experiences include wonderful cooking classes in which the host will happily teach you how to cook an authentic dish. Working with him as a team in such a friendly environment is bound to be a super fun experience for both of you, not to mention the delicious end product. Take away these newfound skills and recipes and introduce them into your cooking life with him.


Gift Idea 8: Water Sports 


Make Valentine’s Day 2020 an adventurous one with one of our many lively watersports options. Put the fun back into Valentine’s Day by soaking up some sun while splashing about in the water with him during one of Gifting Owl’s unique and exciting waterborne experiences. Kayaking, surfing lessons, diving and snorkelling are just some of the options available.

Gift Idea 9: Hiking

Another great outdoor suggestion for you and your Valentine this year would have to be hiking. If the two of you share a love for the outdoors or a much-needed break from your daily lives is in order, this is the perfect opportunity to step back out into nature and explore. Bond together over hours of hiking through amazing scenic lands and get lost in conversation. Hiking is known for bringing people together and may just be the perfect bonding activity for you and him this Valentine’s Day. Gifting Owl is home to many jaw-dropping hiking experiences, from Glacier hikes in Iceland to Blue Mountain hiking in Jamaica and everything in-between.   


Gift Idea 10: Wildlife


If your lucky man is an animal lover, look no further than Gifting Owl. Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by introducing him to a few extra furry friends. Encounter the amazing animals of the world with Gifting Owl. Choosing from a great range of days out in countries across the globe. From swimming with sharks, cuddling koalas, watching exotic birds and more!


We hope that this blog has given you the motivation needed to make this year’s Valentine's Day unforgettable. These experience gift ideas are all available on Gifting Owl. We have faith that the perfect Valentine's Day activity gift for him is just waiting to be booked! 


All Gifting Owl vouchers are fully changeable and can be used in over 115 countries! So, don’t stress - you’ll find something that is the best just for him. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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