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Community-Based Tourism with Gifting Owl

Community-Based Tourism with Gifting Owl

Give a Gift That Gives Back To The Community

What is better than having an amazing experience with a local in a beautiful country? Having an amazing experience in a beautiful country while knowing that you directly supported the local community and traveled responsibly. Gifting Owl is proud to support local communities with our Authentic Culinary experiences category.

What Is Community-Based Tourism?

Community based tourism is tourism in which local residents invite tourists to visit their communities to experience and learn about the local culture. The local residents earn income as land managers, entrepreneurs, service and produce providers, and employees. Community-based tourism stimulates the local economy, supports family owned and operated businesses, and gives a genuine and unique cultural experience to those who purchase tours. 

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How Gifting Owl Promotes Responsible Travel

Gifting Owl is your platform to find these cultural experiences, and gives small organisations and family-operated tours a pathway to reach tourists and customers from all over the world. Gifting Owl is merely a pathway to guide you your next unforgettable experience. Invest money directly into the community you want to support, and know you are making a difference!

The best way to appreciate cultural differences between communities is to experience and learn about them firsthand. Our suppliers are excited to explain the importance of and meaning behind their traditions to their guests. Community based tourism bridges a gap between differing cultures, building a strong platform for deep connections, understanding, and appreciation. Gifting Owl can be your connection to cultural empowerment. 

Gift Experiences That Support Cultural Understanding and Responsible Travel

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Diep (pronounced "Yeep") lives with her husband, young baby, and her parents in a typical family home in Danang. She loves to travel and seeks out traditional dishes when she explores a new place, she believes this is the best way to meet locals, hear their voices, and get to know a place. Hosting with Traveling Spoon is a way for Diep to share her passion for her country’s culture, traditions and cuisine with her guests. She looks forward to introducing Vietnamese home cooking to you! 

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