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How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Self-Isolation

How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Self-Isolation

My sister returned from overseas 12 days ago. She had been in Europe to meet her first grandchild, who was born in February. She hadn’t seen her husband in weeks and on arriving home, she couldn’t hug and kiss her hubby hello. They couldn’t share their bed, snuggle up on the sofa to watch a bit of tele or even hold hands. My sister was off limits. 

That got me thinking about all the couples who are celebrating an anniversary while in isolation. Hence this blog.

For starters, many of those familiar and sentimental ways and places we have celebrated anniversaries in the past are just not an option this year. Florist shops are closed, not to mention that favourite little restaurant, or the cinema or stage show. When it comes to celebrating anniversaries today and may be for the months ahead, we have to think outside the box.    

On that point, it’s fair to say, when you’re in isolation you have enough time on your hands to do some exploring for the perfect anniversary gift. Excuses won’t cut it like, ‘I was too busy to get out to the shops,’ or ‘We’ll just do what we always do’. You’re in this thing together and that alone time is one of the greatest reasons why celebrating your anniversary this year is perhaps even more important than in other years. And that’s easy with a Gifting Owl experience gift. 

Look forward to fun

We all need things to look forward to. There’s a real sense of excitement in the build up to an event or happening that we have planned and waited for. Looking forward to the future is a huge part of life; it is our hopes and dreams. 

Gifting Owl has thousands of romantic gift ideas to spoil your loved one on your anniversary in isolation and do together later when things have changed. You can start to plan your next getaway and search for romantic adventures with the whole world of adventure waiting for you. Here’s how:

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Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas

France has long held the reputation of being the world’s most romantic destination. And Paris sits at its heart.  The Paris Seine River Cruise is a romantic and intimate cruise especially created for couples in love. Not only do diners take in views of the city and some of its most important landmarks, the dining experience includes a delicious 3-course gourmet menu and choice of wine or champagne. If you’re a foodie that’s interested in learning new cooking techniques, you and your sweetheart can couple up for Beautiful Home-Cooking With A Lifelong Parisian. This is a chance to meet the fabulous Fabienne, whose passion for her customary French cuisine has seen her create cooking classes for two in her home. You’ll spend the afternoon trying your hand at new dishes, hearing more about the local area and making a new friend.   

Thailand is famous for its blissful delights. The Thai people know how to spoil their visitors. As a holiday destination, it’s easy to relax into the balmy weather, serene surroundings and yes, the luxury spas!  The Half-Day Private Waree Raksa Hot Spring Spa In Krabi Rainforest is perfect for the couple that want to rejuvenate the mind and body. Set amidst lush green tropical gardens, this experience embraces the notion of wellbeing with body treatments including scrubs and traditional massage, healthy food and drink options, a yoga session and handicraft session. If you can commit to a day, the Explore the Beautiful Koh Hong is a speed boat cruise and adventure tour for two that will have you paddling the crystal clear waters of Hong island, exploring hidden beach coves and visiting idyllic islands on a journey of discovery like no other. 

Vienna, like many European countries, has wonderful tours that bring into focus the history, arts, culture and architecture of the city. Train travel and train stations are often associated with romance. Vienna has its Vienna Art Nouveau: Otto Wagner And The City Trains Walk With A Historian. Spain has the Private Barcelona Montserrat Mountain Experience Incl Lunch. Or perhaps a change away from trains - your chauffeur driven Private Sightseeing Tour With Tasting And Cooking to introduce you to many of the sugar and spice delights of Brussels. Private or small group tours are fantastic because you can often detour and include stops along the way to enjoy local treats. You learn so much more too as your guide leads the way to some of their favourite places for fun or that are of special interest. 

These are a beginning point. No matter where you go or what you choose to do for your belated anniversary celebration, your ‘out of the box’ window to the world is right here. Indulge in our pages and all they have to offer. Allow your minds to wonder and dream of what’s possible,  then make those dreams come true when it’s safe to do so. 

On that note, I’ll leave you with an anniversary truism - the best choice you made, was each other. 

Happy anniversary!

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