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How To Give Gifts While In Self-Isolation

How To Give Gifts While In Self-Isolation

As the world bunkers down in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, at Gifting Owl, we’re thinking of you, your friends and loved ones who are feeling the effects of the fallout.

Big plans to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, honeymoons or retirements are all on hold.

But hey! That shouldn’t mean you have to stop giving. Giving makes you feel fantastic! It’s fulfilling. And now is just the time when an experience gift from Gifting Owl can make all the difference to you and your loved ones.

Show the love in self-isolation

Gifting Owl gifting is the safest and easiest way to show the love and send a gift.  

You don’t have to leave home to buy that someone the experience gift of a lifetime. If you are self-isolating, you can still search, select, purchase and send a brilliant action-packed gift to someone who is celebrating something special.  

How many people do you know that have birthdays coming up and who face the prospect of celebrating alone?  You simply can’t let that happen – right?

If your gift recipient is in isolation, imagine how exciting it will be for them to receive your gift and to know that you care.

Covid-19 is temporary

The breaking news on Covid-19 from Gifting Owl is that this pandemic will pass. And when it does, your experience gift safely bought, sent and received when things were glum, will be ready and waiting for activation!

And that’s not all. We have great news too!  

 Gift vouchers from Gifting Owl are valid for three years.

• Your gift recipient can exchange them for any other Gifting Owl product on our site.

• Your gift is valid on products in 115 countries – when travel bans are lifted; your gift recipient can take their pick of where to have their adventure.

• Your gift recipient can add to or upgrade your gift to include extras as they want.

All these benefits give you peace of mind. You don’t have a care in the world when you give a Gifting Owl gift.

Choose to shop local

Gifting Owl has adventure and experience gifts in almost a thousand destinations across the world. It’s highly likely that the perfect gift is right on your doorstep, or close to your home town.

You can search for our locations to see what’s around. But we also make it easy for you to find adventures in your area. When you visit Gifting Owl, it automatically shows you what’s close by to make it easy for you to support your local adventure operators.   

As your community recovers, there is always a rush to help local businesses to get back on their feet and kick start the economy. Every bit helps and buying a Gifting Owl experience is one fantastic way to give someone you love an unforgettable adventure and keep the wheels turning in your town.  

Top ways to search for adventure gifts

You’ll notice there are lots of ways to navigate your way around our world. As mentioned above, you can search for Gifting Owl locations to help you find the right gift. That’s just one way. 

Try looking at our activities list for those adventures that are most likely going to hit the sweet spot. It’s a neat short cut to get you straight to where the action is. We have dozens of options listed and you can keep narrowing down your search by adding locations and occasions to your search

Money might be tight right now, so again, we make it easy to find something in your price range. Just put in the amount you’d like to spend and we do the rest and the best to find that perfect gift. 

Treat yourself well

Nothing can stop you from dreaming. Once you get into searching for the gifts for others, you just might find that right little something for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of retail therapy to perk up the spirits. It’s a proven fact that it can make you feel a whole lot better. 

You can spoil yourself with spa treatments that will soothe away the tensions and leave you feeling refreshed and restored, ready to take on the world again. Perhaps a visit to a winery is just the ticket or taking a hike in the open air where you can smell the onset of spring as the forests and wildflowers awaken to sunshine. For an even greater adventure, you can hit the skyways in a hot air balloon or head out to sea to get close up and friendly with the resident marine life. And these are just a start of the ideas. You’ll find so many more experience gifts on offer as you search.   

Explore the world with new eyes

Whatever you do with your time in self-isolation, your life in seclusion can be made all the sweeter with dreams. It’s an excellent time to plan for and give a gift to others that’s there for the taking when they are back in action. 

And it’s the same for you. The Covid-19 pandemic won’t be around forever but the world will.  Mother nature is full of amazing experiences and adventures and she’ll be waiting for us when Covid-19 is done and dusted. When that time comes, we will all appreciate the big beautiful opportunities that are ready to be explored.

Get well, stay well, and above all get happy gifting! 

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