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The Best Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas in 2020

The Best Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas in 2020

If Mother’s Day has a bad habit of sneaking up on you and you keep promising that you’ll nail it next year, and here it is next year and you haven’t, congratulations - you’ve just hit gold! 

Gifting Owl is an expert helper ready to get loving friends and family out of a tight corner when it comes to finding that perfect last-minute gift. We have oodles of last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas that will leave your mum smiling and thinking about how lucky she is to have you in her life. OK, she always thinks that way, regardless. But, a great gift still counts!   

So, with no time to lose, let’s cut to the chase with some top last minute tips and recommendations to get your Mother’s Day gift in the bag.

Top Tip 1 - Shortcut to Thousands of Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas 

Go straight to the Mother’s Day gift ideas page here or navigate to the Occasions tab on the Gifting Owl main menu. Jump right in and discover the thousands of gift options on offer. You can use the filters to choose your price range, location and activities, which will make your search even faster. 

Top Tip 2 - One Minute Gifting for Last-Minute Shoppers

If you can't decide on a gift and you just need to do something last minute, go to Gift Voucher, select the amount of money you want to spend or add your own amount, include your message and send. Voila! You’re done. Your mum can then do her own gift choosing. She can also add more dollars on top if required and add tour extras if they are available. 

Top Tip 3 - Quick Gifts to Send Overseas

Set a reminder on your phone. When you’ve flown the coup and your mum is half a world away, that’s when you’re in real danger of forgetting that it’s Mother’s Day. She’s at home constantly thinking of you; worrying how you are, if you’re eating and getting enough sleep. And you? Well, it’s more a case of out of sight, out of mind! Just kidding!!! But we do know it’s easy to forget important dates when you’re a long way from home. So, Tip 3 is to set a gift reminder on your phone to ensure when Mother’s Day comes a-calling, you’ve got everything in hand. 

Top Tip 4 - Your Mother’s Day Message of Love

For those who have a lot to say, Gifting Owl comes with a large space dedicated to your card. You can write to your heart’s content and your special Mother’s Day message will arrive with your gift. Because you are the apple of your mother’s eye, your mum will savour every syllable of your well-constructed prose. However, for those who believe less is more, your mum will still get the message. 

Top Tip 5 - A Gift Shared is the Best Gift of All

They say it is better to give than to receive. But actually, we here at Gifting Owl think they are both pretty good. We love to give gifts and we love to get them as well. We believe the best gifts are those we share with others. When you are searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, why not think about something that you can do together. She’ll LOVE it! And not just because you’re along for the ride. That’s only half of the pleasure. There’s more to your gift as time goes by. For years, you’ll reminisce about the adventure you had and share a few laughs as you recount the happenings of that day. Your shared gift becomes part of your story, a shared story between you and your mum. A special story. 

Top Tip 6 - Don’t Worry, She’ll Be Happy  

All Gifting Owl gifts are interchangeable. Yes! You heard right. When you buy a Gifting Owl gift you can exchange it for any other equal-value gift listed on our site. This is the best feature of buying with Gifting Owl because it means you never have to worry that your gift will be left in a draw and quickly forgotten about. Your mum is getting a gift that will always be perfect, particularly because she can change her mind.

Even if she loves the gift you give her this year, she might feel tempted to save it up - redeem it down the track. And that’s OK. Your gift is valid for three years, and if in the meantime things change and she’d like to swap her gift for something else, she can. We get how it is with gifting and that’s why you don’t have to worry. Gifting Owl gifts are always right and what you get today might be different from what your mum does in the end - but she’ll be happy. 

What might surprise you the most is that you’ll enjoy choosing a Mother’s Day gift from our catalogue, last minute or not. We have over 12,000 experiences, adventures and activities listed in more than 115 countries and you’ll be amazed at what you’re likely to find. Most of all, from all of us to all of you who are looking to show the love on Mother’s Day, have a fun-loving time together!

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