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Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts To The Rescue

Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts To The Rescue

Did you just have that Uh-Oh moment? The sudden realisation that you completely forgot to get the most important person in your world that special something to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We know the feeling. Better still, we can fix it! 

Gifting with Gifting Owl is a super easy three-step process. 

1. Select where you want to have your Valentine’s Day adventure - we have 115 countries to choose from

2. Select an Activity you know your Valentine will love or something you would love to do together and book live for a day that works for you both. Alternatively, go to Occasions and click on Valentines Day or just search Valentines Day. 

3. Pay and send your gift in one go! It’s that easy

If you’re undecided, we’ve got you covered on that score too. Send your squeeze a special Valentine’s gift voucher and she or he can take your time to decide. 

The point is, there’s no need to panic! For romance on a mega-scale, here are some gift ideas to get you started. 

Love under the sun

If your Valentine is a fun-loving water babe consider doing something on, in or by the water. 

And if Italy isn’t out of the question just the mere mention of Amalfi Coast will be enough to get the pangs of passion up and going. This is an all-day tour that includes two high-speed boat rides to some of Italy’s most breathtaking coastline. From the cliff tops, the outlook the crystal clear and aqua coloured Tyrrhenian Sea is nothing short of sublime. You’ll visit one of our most favourite places in the world - Positano, wander through the village or take a dip in the sea. You’ll visit other villages and a lemon farm - just like the orchard made famous in the movie Love is Enough - where your taste buds will tingle with delight as you sip on homemade limoncello in true Italian style.     

Queensland is Australia’s holiday state and the home of the Great Barrier Reef. The Reef covers a massive area - 348,700 km² to be exact and you can find reef snorkelling and diving tours in many places along Queensland’s vast eastern coastline. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is a bucket list adventure incomparable with anything else. You travel into a completely foreign, colourful and wondrous world - so far removed from the everyday.     

From the Southern islands to the Whitsunday islands, Townsville, Cairns and Port Douglas you’ll find top spots for brilliant day time reef experiences, after dark action and yes, romance, of course. 

Another topical paradise that’s destined to please is a private Waree Raksa Hot Spring Spa in Krabi Rainforest. This is a truly indulgent experience that will delight the Zen in your special someone. Cloistered among lush green tropical gardens all their senses will tingle with delight as they dip into hot mineral springs, relax in the magic hands of an expert masseuse, breath deeply and stretch gently in an aqua yoga session and enjoy a healthy midday meal. Wareerak has a holistic approach to well-being and only uses natural and organic remedies. The property includes organic orchards and all products, treatments, food and drinks are 100% organic and grown within the local garden. 

Days of wine, food and romance

You can’t talk about love and not mention Paris. After all - didn’t the French invent love? Just kidding. But they sure have love down to a fine art, and the streets of Paris are the perfect setting for it.  

With ornate Parisian buildings, wide promenades and cobblestone alleyways as your backdrops, a photographic portrait session will capture your forever moments and preserve them for a lifetime. They become your treasures magical glimpses into the wonderful days spent together.  

One of the other great Parisian pleasures is food and the Paris Tastes Of The Left Bank Tour is an exceptional luxury food experience that will tantalise your palate into complete capitulation. The grand slam of foodie experiences, it’s makers, Urban Tours and New York Times, describe it as an odyssey tour of French staples - wine, cheese, bread and chocolate. But, this tour dishes up even more delightful delectables. You’ll indulge in the world’s finest macarons from Pierre HermeBuy and the delights of world-famous chocolatiers, Un Dimanche. You’ll also visit speciality shops along the way as you learn about the history, artisans and master chefs who have created this fabulously rich little corner of the city.  

Melbourne is Australia’s second-largest city. A sophisticated and edgy metropolis, Melbourne is the most ethnically diverse capital city in the country and renowned as Australia’s culinary heartland. People flock to Melbourne for fashion, culture, food and wine. The city outskirts give way to green rolling hills and farms both large and small, all cultivating their own brand of cool-climate speciality wines, cheeses, chocolates, seasonal fruits and preserves that grace the plates of famous restaurants and family homes. If your dreamboat loves their food and wine, the Yarra Valley Gourmet Tour is an eight-hour pilgrimage to heavenly taste sensations and precious memories they’ll savour again and again.

We hope these few ideas have sparked your interest to dig a little deeper. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, somewhere local to where you live, apart from one another, or you both plan to travel sometime soon, you’re bound to find that perfect gift here.  

The advantages of using Gifting Owl far outweigh other gift ideas for spoiling your Valentine.

1. You can select, pay and send your gift in a matter of minutes

2. You can send a long love note with your gift - up to 500 words!

3. You can choose from over 12,000 gift ideas

4. Your gift is valid for three years

5. All gifts are fully transferable 

6. Your Valentine can use their gift in 115 countries 

7. Your Valentine can exchange their gift for another activity

8. No matter where your Valentine is on Valentine’s Day, they’ll receive your gift instantly

9. You never again have to say ‘sorry, I forgot’. 

Whatever you do Valentines Day - it’s love that makes the world go around, so here’s to getting giddy! 

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