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For Him

For Him

Trying to find the perfect gift for him that is as adventurous as he is? Whether you are looking for a father's day gift, a unique gift for your husband or birthday gift for dad, these experience gifts for men are sure to put a smile on his face!

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For Him

Struggling to find the perfect gift?

Finding the right experience gift for him is often a challenge. Generally speaking, gifts for men tend to be the obligatory socks and tie from john lewis, that piece of new tech that’s just hit the market, handyman tools, pen sets or car accessories.

Something for Everyone

No matter what kind of man you are buying for, we have the perfect gift idea to suit his needs and interests. From gift cards for a driving experience day to a cookery class voucher, there is something for everyone at Gifting Owl.

So, if you are looking for gift ideas for him that are a little out of the box, look no further than our extensive range of gift experiences!

Get his heart racing

So, what do men want? Answer: Adventure! An adventure or experience gift for him is a chance to push the limits, test the nerves and hone his skills. There are thousands of adventure experiences to browse on Gifting Owl. Your go-to gift search should begin with his wish list - if he has one. Go for his Hobbies & Interests Otherwise, the next best starting point is his hobbies and interests; how he likes to spend his time. Just keep in mind that adventure gifts are a chance for the man in mind to do something completely out of his comfort zone. That’s the awesome part of his experience!

Driving Adventures

Petrol-pumping action from behind the wheel of a racing car, 4WD, rally car or all-terrain buggy will have him doing laps at breakneck speed, drifting the car sideways as he takes a bend, bush-track bashing over mountains and across rivers beds, heading over icy plains or scaling sand dunes on a deserted beach. 

Some driving experiences offer front-seat heart-stopping adventures with a professional driver at the wheel, while others give instructional training so your him can take charge and test out his new talents. Jet Simulator If your man is on a mission, he might be up for some top gun fun. Suited up and seated in the simulator cockpit of an FA/18 Hornet, he’ll be engaged in all manner of tactical manoeuvres from mid-air refuelling sorties to fighting off the enemy, and buzzing aircraft carriers.

Helicopter Tours

Gifting a scenic helicopter ride is also a lot of fun. Your recipient will fly and hover over tall city buildings or remarkable and remote landscapes. On some exclusive helicopter tours, the chopper pilot will drop passengers into inaccessible places that people rarely get to see.

Snorkelling & Diving

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Maldives, from Hawaii to Bora Bora gift him with an underwater adventure. Gift him a voucher for a tour that will take him on an exploration of sunken shipwrecks or colourful coral gardens filled with sea turtles, colourful fish and other marine life.


For the uninitiated adventurer, caving is an exciting mystery tour. From childhood, we grow up thinking of caves as the pirate’s lair for hidden treasure, or secret places where mystical pools of water are ringed by walls of rock. There are some fantastic caving gifts on Gifting Owl. In many places, caving tours are open on selected weekdays.

Food and Drink Experiences

Your gift for him can be something a little less on the adrenaline junkie side of things. After all, we’re not all built for chasing the next wild adventure. Soft adventures might set a slower pace, but they are still all about fun and experiencing life to the full. Foodies will love a guided food and drink tour in their own home town or somewhere along way if they’re planning to travel.

Authentic Culinary

Being treated to an authentic home-cooked meal lovingly prepared and served by your host is an enriching experience. You learn about the culture's food and the local area, maybe discover new cooking techniques, and hear wonderful stories while you eat.

Drinking tours

Our range of foodie gifts for men include a winery, boutique brewery and distillery tours. These adventures are a delicious way to toast and taste his way through his celebrations. Endless Food Experiences From an afternoon tea with a hot drink and an endless supply of sweet and savoury delights to a charming kitty café with rescue cats or even a luxurious dinner made up of three courses, add a dining experience to your Gifting Owl basket to really treat him this year.

Cultural experiences

Cultural experiences offer a unique viewpoint on a nation and its people. Understanding how others live, their ideas, customs, and history is an important touchstone for comprehending the importance of diversity, more about our planet, as well as our own position in it. Gifting Owl Vouchers For those who have no time to choose a present this season, we've got you covered with incredible gifts for men. And for those of you still stumped as to what to get him, a Gifting Owl voucher is the answer - no matter the occasion or location!

Stress-free Gifting!

Gifting Owl gift cards were designed to be as adaptable as possible so that you don't have to worry about any of the hassles that come with giving gifts. A Gifting Owl gift card, has a three-year validity and may be exchanged online with no cost. The value on our e-vouchers can be used on any experience and is delivered immediately at any time of day. Perfect for Long-distance Lovers These gift vouchers are also perfect for those of you who may be involved in a long-distance love. Find his Perfect Gift So what are you waiting for?

Search through Gifting Owl to find an incredible range of unique gifts he is bound to love. These men's gifts will make for the perfect present no matter what the special occasion or memorable day may be. Shop on Gifting Owl's site to discover more great offers, to view a grid list map, more product filters, easy extensions, popular categories and promotional products. Our filters make it easy to find gift cards for your the selected dates and location use.

Make sure to check out all our popular categories previously for more gift cards for the whole family.

Good Luck & Happy Gifting! From sweet and savoury treats at a sandwich's tea to flying three miles through the blue skies, shop with Gifting Owl and add some of these amazing gifts for men to your basket. You'll always be able to treat him to an unforgettable experience no matter the location or occasion!

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