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Experience the lap of luxury with a premium experience gift voucher, bringing you the most exclusive activities and glamorous getaways around the world. From private helicopter tours to 5-star spa treatments and everything in between, a premium experience gift is guaranteed to showcase the best of the region and bless you with lifelong memories!

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Luxury Experience Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Let’s face it, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing in style. Exclusive and boutique experiences are all the rage at the moment. Our premium gift selections are your chance to spoil friends and loved ones with that extra special something that will make their day.

The wide range of experiences and price points available will also spoil you for choice too! You want your gift recipient to relax and be in the moment whether it’s diving from the deck of a yacht to snorkel a deserted coral reef, soaking up scented oils masterfully applied by the hands of a masseuse, or glamping on a jungle safari. These are the ‘your worth it’ experiences that most of us long to have, and your giftee will be ever thankful for. 

Premium offerings are all about small groups, personalised attention and high-quality tour programs. Tour guides offering premium experiences pay attention to the details. They go the extra mile to ensure nothing is left to chance and everything is perfect from start to finish. Small group tours are a great way to enjoy and share the excitement and fun of new discoveries and adventures with others.

Gifting newlyweds an exclusive tour for two while they’re away on their honeymoon is a great wedding gift idea. It’s such a special time in their lives and giving them a premium experience will create lasting and loving memories as they begin their life-long journey as a married couple. And for old-hands at marriage, a high-quality experiences gift for your ‘better half’ is a perfect way to indulge them as you celebrate that milestone anniversary or renew your vows a second-time-around.

Food And Drink Experiences

Winery tour guides are not just the person in the know about the top spots to visit in a wine district, they’re also the designated driver. Your gift recipient can relax and literally soak up the experience! The wonderful aspect of any winery tour is you often get to sample more than the local wines. Vineyards and speciality shops along the way love to offer tastings of other local produce - cheeses, jams, relishes, dukkha, seasonings and the list goes on.

Wine and gourmet foods go together and your giftee will doubtless leave the tour with a few extra goodies to remember the day. Speaking of food, gourmet food experiences are definitely an indulgence everyone enjoys.

Gifting Owl has dining and food gifts covering every kind of experience from top restaurants, to the cuisines from different countries, to cooking classes and tours that include an exotic lunch as part of the package. If your gift recipient likes to cook at home, chances are they’ll jump at the chance to do a cooking class. Mastering the art of cooking takes time, patience and practice, but once you’re hooked, it’s impossible to stay in your lane.

You want to try your hand at everything; new recipes, techniques and foods, sweet and savoury, the unusual and flamboyant. Cooking becomes a passion for life. For your giftee, it will be more than a great way to spend an afternoon. They’ll learn traditional and up-to-date methods for creating fabulous culinary feats, and how to infuse new flavours into their food in ways they’ve never thought of before. Your gift recipient will also understand more about the nuances of the foods they are working with, the science of working with and blending different ingredients and pick up the tricks of the trade that will help them get wonderful results every time. For those friends and loved ones that chase adventure and are always on the go, luxury experiences for them might be more like a case of putting them out there to test their skills.

Adventure Gift Experiences

Gifting Owl premium gifts include adventures for the young and young at heart. Jungle biking or hiking tours that will take them off the well-worn path, trekking up a mountainside to spend time in a small remote village, paddling an azure coloured ocean, going on safari to track down elephants, lions and tigers, caving, mountain climbing and feeding sharks. These gifts are all about the adventure and the thrill of being in the outdoors, taking risks or doing something far different from the norm.

These are the legendary experiences your gift recipient will talk about with their children and grandchildren, satisfied in the fact that they did it! Not everyone is built for outdoor adventure though; the hustle and bustle of a big city may be a more inspiring option for your gift recipient. For them, bright lights, busy roads and lots of shops and restaurants hold the greatest appeal. Cues? No problem! A shopping tour - just the ticket! City and shopping guides rule supreme when it comes showing you around their town. Wherever your gift recipient is, at home or abroad, it’s super easy to search, find, book and send them a premium experience without hiccups or unexpected hassles.

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