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Health & Beauty

Relax and unwind with an indulgent experience gift certificate for a range of spas and health retreats around the globe. Treat someone who deserves a little TLC with a gift voucher, or book yourself with state-of-the-art reservation technology - enjoying some 'me time' has never been easier!

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Give The Gift Of Relaxation

Don’t we all love to be pampered! Gifting someone a health, spa or beauty experience is a great way to truly indulge them. Let’s face it, ‘me’ time is often hard to find in our busy day-to-day lives. We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle it’s easy to let our own needs go by the wayside. We don’t eat so well, sleep so well, or do so well when this happens. The more we neglect a healthy balance in life, the bumpier things can become.

Time out for a health spa experience is a chance to stop. To breathe and be still. It’s as much a gift of time as it is for restoration. Health and spa experiences are a reboot of the body and mind and quickly heal the gift recipient back to feeling great. There are a huge number of health, spa and beauty options available and no experience is the same. However, one thing they all do have in common is luxury.

Show You Care With A Wellbeing Gift

Those all-over feelings of goodness and relaxation are made all the more complete as you sink into the surroundings, with soft music, scented air, clean fresh food, peace and quiet. Yes, these are heavenly places on earth. Beauty and spa treatments are not just facials. You can gift a wide range of beauty services for the whole body. There are body polishes, body wraps and vichy showers.

Water is a key agent used to relax tired and sore muscles and revitalise the body from tip to toe. Aqua therapy and aqua-jet baths can help to exfoliate and rehydrate the skin, giving the gift recipient a sense of overall rejuvenation. Wellness is feeling wonderful inside and out. It’s a balanced state of mind, body and soul all working in unity. Skin condition says a lot about our inner health.

Beauty treatments make wonderful gifts for people who are tired, stressed or have lost that healthy-looking lustre to their skin. They are a fantastic pick-me-up and don’t take long, so suit that busy person who’s on the go. While young people may have more issues with breakouts as we age, wrinkles, changes in pigmentation and broken capillaries are the big battlegrounds. And don’t think for one minute that beauty treatments are the exclusive right of women.

Men too can benefit from beauty treatments that deeply cleanse, rehydrate, rejuvenate and fortify the skin. After all, who doesn’t want to look great? Particularly when it comes to those big events in life. Gifting brides and grooms with beauty treatments is a perfect way to prepare them for the big day. Of course, they are in love and beaming with happiness and excitement, but every couple wants to make sure they look and feel their best on their special day – especially for the cameras!

Beauty and spa gifts also make ideal birthday presents. It doesn’t matter what year is ticking over for the recipient, a treatment or two will make them feel fantastic! Or perhaps you just want to say ‘thank you for the helping hand’, to someone who has seen you through a rough patch, a big work project or change in life, and a gift of a spa treatment would make them feel refreshed and rewarded.

Massage is an extremely popular way to loosen up the body and release muscle tension. Again, there are many techniques used and when gifting someone with a massage treatment it’s a good idea to investigate the one most likely to suit the gift recipient. Swedish massage is the most common of the techniques. A Swedish massage is an excellent gift for relaxation. It uses long even strokes, applied with varying levels of strength, depending on the person’s personal preference.

The massage works on one area of the body at a time, gently stimulating blood circulation and relieving knotted muscles and pain. Hot-stone massage works on the same principles as Swedish but uses heated basalt rocks as a medium to improve circulation and bound-up sore muscles. Deep-tissue massage is a far more intensive form of therapy aimed at reducing muscle tightness and gaining greater flexibility. Finally, there’s reflexology, a form of massage that uses pressure points on the feet to shift blockages in the body and improve circulation.

Gifting a friend or family member, even a work colleague, these types of therapies is much more than indulging them in a few hours of luxury. Your gift recipient will feel fabulously refreshed, ready to bounce into life with renewed gusto.

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