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Gift an experience to the adventurous couple in your life! If you're one of those people that always gifts experiences for couples, you're in the right place. Our adventure gift cards are perfect for simple wedding gift ideas, anniversary gifts for your partner or simply a gift that both can enjoy.

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Perfect Gift Experiences For Couples

Unforgettable gift ideas to help you discover the perfect gift for couples! Remind the happy couple just how much they love spending quality time together in each other's company with unforgettable experience days from Gifting Owl.

Gifts For Every Couple

Whether you’re looking for new adventures to do with your other half or you are searching for gift ideas for a special couple, Gifting Owl has thousands of gift experiences for couples who are ready to make great memories together. Browse by filtering price, locations and type of experience day.

Flexible Gifts

Gifts for couples are not restricted to an age group or place. Whether they are young and feeling the heady high of love, newly engaged or newlyweds, celebrating an anniversary , parents on a getaway, empty nesters who are out to make the most of their new-found freedom or partnering up again with a new love in life, couples love spending time together. So, when it comes to experience days for couples, it’s all about finding the best-shared experiences. Gift experiences are exciting and by making this purchase, you re helping the lucky pair spend quality time together.

Adventures Available All Over The Globe

With Gifting Owl, you can search for gift experiences for couples by location use, adventure activities and price. As you search, you’ll find yourself imagining those adventures and experiences unfolding for them or you (as the case may be).

An experience day is about being in the moment, and spending time together doing amazing things that challenge, teach and enrich life is the promise of every great adventure.

Sweet and Savoury Food Experiences

Food and drink treats are the way to one's heart, and Gifting Owl is home to an incredible range of dining experiences including wine tasting, delicious afternoon tea, food walking tours and food cruises. There are plenty of gift experiences for couples who enjoy their food. Dining is a special experience for two people to enjoy time together and unwind. We have dining experiences in many exciting locations around the globe. Shop dining experiences on our site.

Hiking & Climbing

Hiking and climbing tours are often graded according to fitness and experience. Gradings are based on the length and difficulty of the hike or climb, the participant’s physical fitness and previous experience.

Adventure experiences make great gifts for couples—especially they would suit couples who like to be outdoors, where they are sure to make memories. Treat them to a couples day outdoors.

Hiking and climbing tours can take hours or days depending on the type of adventure you’re after. We also have a number of unforgettable experiences that take place in a UNESCO world heritage site. But one thing they all have in common is the big reveal at the end. The gob-smacking WOW moment that steals your breath away. Majestic nature stretched out before you in all her wondrous glory. That’s why hikers and climbers get hooked. They know the physical effort is worth it.

Walking & Biking tours

A walking or biking tour is a perfect gift experience that will allow your couple to meander their way down garden paths, up hills and through interesting alleyways. They’ll hear the funny, fascinating and unbelievable stories of the places they pass by. These couples' gifts are often packed to the brim authentic food, drink, history and cultural experiences that are difficult to find unless they get out amongst it for a good look-see.

Walking and biking tours happen in most cities and many country holiday destinations, from down under in Australia to Argentina and Iceland, Italy to the USA.

Driving Experiences

Sightseeing on two wheels or four, it won’t matter as far as gifting an adventure is concerned. Driving is always a big adventure and for couples with a hankering for some on or off-road fun, it’s something they can do together whether they’re close to home or travelling in places far further afield.

Motorbikes, quad bikes and all-terrain buggies, 4 WDs, rally and racing cars will get your intrepid couple out and about in a big hurry, enjoying the places they want to see and doing the adventures they’ve been dreaming about.

Water-Based Fun Experiences

If you’re thinking your couple is more the water-lover type than a land fan, you have plenty of gift choices to decide on. On or in the water, couples will get their kicks from natural, immersive and thrilling gift experiences kayaking, diving, snorkelling, rafting, sailing, bathing and swimming in some of the most beautiful waters in the world.

Flexible Gift Vouchers

For those who have absolutely no time to decide on the perfect gifts for couples this year, we've got you. To make matters even better, Gifting Owl gift cards were created to be as flexible as possible to take away all of the stress that comes along with gift-giving.

Contrary to average gift vouchers, a Gifting Owl gift card has a staggering validity of three years, and experiences can be swapped online completely free of charge. The value of the voucher can be used on any gift experience.

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