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Instantly browse and book thousands of outdoor adventures with Gifting Owl, choosing from cities around the world and activities that showcase the best the country has to offer. Gift certificates are fully exchangeable, and with the Gifting Owl unique reservation technology, booking an action-packed day out is completely hassle free!

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Adventure Gift Experiences

Gifting someone an adventure experience is giving them a gift for life. Adventures make up so many of the highlights of our lives. They are the experiences you remember forever and recount a thousand times with family and friends as if they happened just yesterday.

Adventures are the hope of a tomorrow that brings us closer to following our dreams, getting to know more of who we are, what we capable of and how high we can fly. The expectation and excitement of what lies ahead and then suddenly being there in the moment are extreme. It might be stepping out into thin air 14,000 ft above the ground, diving with giant manta rays or traversing an ancient glacier on a swinging footbridge far from the gully below - whatever the experience, the gift of an adventure is guaranteed to enrich the receiver in ways you may never imagine.

There are no limits to adventures; they are out there for the taking. You can gift an adventure that is right in your own backyard. Or search and find that exotic gift on the travel-trail of someone who’s on the road and far from home.

Gifting Owl has thousands of gift options to explore. You can search on types of adventures, countries and destinations, price and availability. You can consider the best options for weather, and the timing of activities to best suit your recipient’s plans.

Outdoor Adventure Experiences for Everyone

Outdoor adventures are a great balance to those more challenging moments. Just like the adrenaline rush, soft adventures are exciting and lively but more often based on family fun. Adventures are about connecting with family and friends, sharing great times together and making memories that live on. 

They are often the holiday adventures too, being together in the bubbling warmth of a natural mud bath, hiking to a secluded waterfall and cooling off in its rock pool while your guide prepares the camp, or paddling a river course upstream and down, and learning so much along the way. Here are a few more ideas:

  1. Hiking and Trekking
  2. Kayaking
  3. Paddle Boarding
  4. Bicycle Tours
  5. Quadbiking
  6. Ziplining
  7. Snorkelling

We often think of gifting adventures for that big birthday - turning 21 or ticking off all the decades that follow - the 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th birthdays and so on. Birthday gifting is great, yes! But there are many milestone moments in life and one of the biggest is marriage.

Have you ever been high and dry for wedding gift ideas? Of course, you have! We all have. Through Gifting Owl you can find and gift the happy couple an adventure of a lifetime. It might be a tandem parasail above an azure sea, snorkelling underwater gardens on a remote coral reef, or thumping over dusty roads in search of nature in the wild. From picture-perfect moments of splendour to heart-racing extreme adventure, on their honeymoon or when they are home, the bride and groom will have that time together locked deep in their hearts.

Gifting Owl Travel Gift Vouchers

Then again, if you're unsure about what to give, no matter what the occasion, you can always gift a voucher to a set value and let your recipient decide on the ‘what’. We call our vouchers fearless gifting. They take all the stress out of the decision. You don’t have to do your research, know travel itineraries, what preferences are likely to be, or hidden phobias that are likely to be a challenge - no - you don’t need to know any of those things.

You simply click on Voucher enter the amount you want to gift, and your credit card details and presto! It’s not only that easy for you but just as flexible for the recipient. As a Gifting Owl voucher or gift recipient, you can decide on an adventure and then for any reason at all your recipient can change it to suit themselves. That’s ok. They can change to another experience, put more money towards making more of the adventure you’ve gifted, or even gift the adventure on.

Our vouchers are fully transferrable. This type of flexibility is hard to find anywhere else. The point is, having flexibility built into your gift really matters when it comes to unforeseen factors. Life and circumstances can change fast. With us, your recipient isn’t locked into hard and fast rules concerning your gift. 

Happy Gifting!

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