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Give the gift of a fast-paced adrenaline-pumping day out with a unique driving experience. Choose from cities around the world and instantly book track days, off-road experiences, rally drives, and dune buggy races at a number of scenic locations. Book today and put pedal to the metal!

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Different Types Of Driving Experiences For Petrol Heads!

What better gift exists for petrol heads than letting them loose to thrash through the bush in a rally car or 4WD, take bends at break-neck speed on a racing circuit or feel the exhilaration of winding down a coastal road on a Harley Davidson. For them, this is living!

Adrenaline Filled Days Out

Adrenaline-pumping action behind the wheel is as terrifying as it is exciting. The thudding sound as the engine ignites. The power and thrust of the acceleration. The concentration and control as you make your manoeuvres. Every fibre of your body is tuned into the experience and on high alert. And every second depends on your skill, strategy and reflexes to bring that beast home. It’s not just adrenaline junkies that will get a kick out of a driving gift.

There are plenty of options and Gifting Owl has fantastic driving tours to suit every type of road lover there is. Extraordinary parts of the world are just waiting to be discovered and explored. Whether you choose to gift an experience that will take the recipient on the open road or down the narrow alleyways of a crowded city, every kilometre promises adventure!

Gifting someone a driving tour can take them to hidden places way off the beaten track, where surprises are all part of the package. A tiny taverna in a fishing village that sells the best seafood they will ever taste. A mountain lookout where they’re wrapped in the sky and the vista before them is so majestic it will take their breath away.

Your gift recipient will learn along the way too. Gifting Owl tour guides know their stuff. This is their home, their backyard and they love to boast about it. They’ll show your giftee all the special places and introduce them to locals who’ll make them welcome and bend their ear with tales both tall and true. The conversations with complete strangers and the connections founded with instant friends will stay with them long after the journey ends and be recounted a hundred times and more in the years ahead.

Pick the mode and let them go! Gifting Owl tours include motorbikes, 4 Wheel Drives, rally cars, racing cars, tiny about towners, fuel pumping powerful engines for rev heads to electric models that are as guilt-free as they are fun. The other great aspect of gifting a driving experience is that they happen in almost every destination across the globe. While your friend and loved in is on the road or just hanging out at home, driving experiences can open up a whole new world and way of understanding and experiencing a place, like no other mode of travel.

Sometimes it’s easy to take your own backyard for granted. All those closeby places you hear about but never quite get to visit are actually adventures going begging. It’s natural for people to think of the familiar as less exciting than the unknown and common to hear locals saying ‘there’s nothing to do around here’ about the places they live. Gifting a driving experience close to home is a chance for a friend or loved one to discover a whole new side of life, a new way to explore their community, and give them a renewed appreciation of what it offers.

Gifting a driving tour isn’t just about being behind the wheel. It’s the exhilaration of what you get to see and experience. A driving tour keeps the highlights coming as your gift recipient ticks off the kilometres. Every bend or fork in the road promises something new.

The adventure begins with the turn of a key or push of a button and ends with a long list of WOW moments. Rain, hail or sunshine, the weather can really add to the tour experience. Seasonal changes are not usually a dampener. Even the odd blizzard or sand storm can make the journey a whole lot more interesting. The thing is, you take it as it comes. That’s the idea of driving tours. They are on-or-off-road adventures for those who are willing to let the journey take them. To be in the moment and feel the freedom of free-wheeling through the day. Finding your way around a big city is an amazing way to have those authentic, enriching experiences. Where to go is often the easy part but how to get there is sometimes the bigger challenge.

Discovering the laneways of New York or Tokyo, the piazzas of Rome, the marketplaces of London or Paris, the bazaars of Istanbul or Dhaka, the ancient cities of Damascus or Athens with a guided or DIY driving tour is a like opening a giant treasure trove. Gifting a driving experience is like opening an up a map. It leads your giftee to places that electrifying. Where the ceaseless busyness of the city is all engrossing. These are experiences that take you down corridors of time and wonderment, filled with day-to-day happenings that to the locals are just normal but the uninitiated are sites to behold.

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