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Find the perfect birthday gift with Gifting Owl! From hot air ballooning to diving on coral reefs, Gifting Owl has perfect birthday experience gifts to put the extra-special into every birthday surprise treat.

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Why do experience gifts make the best birthday presents? We believe exciting experiences are the best birthday gifts. These are better than things like clothes or toys because your birthday person can do something with the voucher that they never could have done otherwise. Say hello to special celebrations.

Most people love a reason to celebrate. They’ll often look for an excuse - any excuse - to whoop it up. However, one of the best reasons to throw a sensational soirée and splash some cash on someone special is their birthday. Not to mention everyone's favourite seasonal fare, the beloved birthday cake. Shared experiences Birthday week is a fantastic excuse to go all out and let your hair down.

It is the perfect opportunity to gather together everyone for a fantastic party. One of the best things you can do to make sure they enjoy every minute of their celebration by getting them the perfect birthday gift that they can share with their family and friends. Give more this year... However, for many of us, ingrained in our psyche is the deep-rooted belief that it is better to give than receive.

People genuinely love to give presents to a loved one. What isn’t always so much fun is trying to find that perfect gift. You can trawl through brochures, big stores and small, even rummage through that box in the corner of your wardrobe marked ‘re-gifts’ and you’re still left high and dry for gift ideas. Time to try gift experiences this year!

Gift Smarter!

We’ve all been there. Just count how many obligatory presents you’ve received throughout the years and it will become pretty obvious that at times, people got stuck trying to find something right for you. Socks, handkerchiefs, back scratcher all come to mind. Well, it’s time to throw off your own temptation to head down that track and take a look at some gift ideas that will give your friend, family or special someone a unique birthday gift they’ll treasure forever - an exciting adventure, an experience of a lifetime, the best day EVER!

Something For Everyone

So, what are the best of the best gifts? Actually, it’s impossible to answer that but Gifting Owl is full of experiences and adventures that will create memories that'll last a lifetime. With instant e-delivery and free exchanges, we make birthday experience gift-giving easy.

A Birthday Experience Gift Perfect for Foodies

Foodies are well looked after with perhaps the most variety of any of our categories. Here at Gifting Owl we have a surplus of authentic home-hosted meals, cooking classes, picnics, afternoon tea, food trail, vineyard experiences and more great offers for an occasion. Endless dining options! No matter what location and date you might be on the search for, shopping at Gifting Owl is made easy with so many incredible dining options in the UK and worldwide.

Birthday Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers

Outdoor adventurers also have an almost unlimited choice of breathtaking and mind-blowing experiences to supercharge your gift recipient’s birthday celebrations. From the UK to New Zealand, there are adventures to be had with Gifing Owl all over the globe - to ensure your gift search is quick and easy! From adrenaline thrills to exploring nature, You can choose from a multitude of adventures be it flying high in a fighter jet, parachute jumping from a plane, swimming with sharks, scaling the Alps or the Pyrenees, exploring ice caves or horse riding in the Bahamas - the world awaits.

Unique birthday gift experiences for milestone birthdays

When it comes to milestone birthdays, it’s often about the experience. Overseas travel, surprise events, adrenaline adventures and ticking off an item on the bucket list all come to mind.

That said, we at Gifting Owl don’t like to recommend presents based on age. We treat everyone as an individual. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to finding the right gift. Rather than age shop, just recipient shop with their interests in mind.

Gifting Owl Vouchers

But what happens when you don’t know the person well? Are you supposed to buy a voucher that might possibly never be redeemed? Well, that’s another big benefit of buying vouchers through Gifting Owl - all gift vouchers have free exchanges, or you can purchase vouchers with a monetary value. Completely Exchangeable! Simply select the price that meets your budget and your gift recipient has the flexibility to spend that amount on a gift of their own choosing. They can scale up by adding to the voucher too. No matter what the category or location you choose, experience days are fully transferable across the Gifting Owl range. Up your gifting game! This year, change your gifting habits from the gift cards you occasionally send accompanied. Do more than a cheap card you might forget to sign.

You can't go wrong From UNESCO world heritage site tour to an afternoon tea with three courses, there's something for everyone. With our wide range of options from over 100 countries, there's sure to be an adventure your loved one is bound love. From the steam room to the swimming pool, the outback to the clouds, there's no limit to where Gifting Owl may take you.

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When shopping through Gifting Owl, don't forget to check out all our categories and experiences in your desired location or country, and search for any other upcoming presents you may need to buy soon, whether it's for your kids or your grandma we'll have something for everyone. Just use the favourites filter sort and away you go! Even if you need to price shop, we have some incredible budget options available. Be Inspired We hope this blog has given you all the promotional products and inspiration needed to make their birthday week extra special this year with unforgettable birthday gifts!

Happy gifting & good luck!

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