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For Her

For Her

Looking for the perfect gift for the women in your life? Whether it's a birthday gift for your wife, an anniversary gift for your girlfriend or a mother's day gift, we have adventure tour gift cards for her that are perfect for all special occasions!

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For Her

Finding The Perfect Gift For Woman In Your Life

What to do when you just can't find the perfect gift for your special occasion. Spoil her this year. Everyone loves a little bit of spoiling and if you’re thinking of a gift for her, it’s especially the case. The perfect gift for her all depends on what she likes to do in her leisure time.

Gifts for every type of woman

If she’s the outdoors type, she might be interested in a gift that tests her endurance, her nerve or her limits. No matter who the recipient may be, a loved one, a friend or a relative, there will be an experience gift perfect for her on Gifting Owl. Be Inspired! Read below to be inspired by an amazing selection of special gifts and last-minute gift ideas that make just be the perfect way to treat her this year, and for any other special occasion!

Water-Based Fun

Water is great for outdoor fun. Whether you choose a gift activity that she can experience on the ocean surface or below, water experiences are always wondrous. The ocean is a wilderness. From the freezing waters of the Antarctic to tropical coral seas, the world’s oceans are filled with magnificent and exotic wildlife that mesmerise and charm us with their antics, bright illustrious colours or haunting songs.

Marine Wildlife Experiences

The gift of a marine wildlife adventure will take her into the natural habitat of some of the gentlest creatures of the sea. Gifting Owl marine encounters include snorkelling with seals, and swimming with sea lions, dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, whales and more.

Snorkelling and Diving

Snorkelling, sea scootering or scuba diving on coral reefs will add new meaning to her idea of colour coordination. The beautiful and bright colours of reef fish and corals are uplifting and energising. Underwater adventure tours are highly connective, and your gift is sure to enrich her with unique experiences she’ll never forget. Endless Aquatic Adventures On-the-water adventures include:

Sweet and Savoury Delights

If cooking is her thing, Gifting Owl is a treasure trove of culinary experiences. More than ever, people everywhere are developing a passion for all things food and drink. A big part of travel is discovering the culinary delights of a destination and maybe learning a few new tricks of the kitchen along the way. Your gift to her could be a food tour, taking in the gourmet treats and speciality foods of a region.

Something for Every Palate

From an afternoon tea of sweet and savoury treats paired with a hot drink to a delicious three-course lunch at a luxurious restaurant or even tea at a charming kitty café filled with rescue cats, no matter what she may be into Gifting Owl will have a range of dining gifts that will suit her!

Authentic Experiences

Dinner at a top restaurant prepared by a celebrity chef. Or a home-hosted meal with a family, where the dishes are more likely to boast flavour-packed authentic recipes that have been handed down through the generations, faithfully followed and practised to extract every gram of deliciousness possible in every mouthful.

Wine Tasting Experiences

Delicious wine, delicious food...what more could she ever want. You may not be a wine expert, but you'll certainly feel like one in the company of so many distinct varieties! You'll learn about the region where they're made and discuss how they taste with a knowledgeable expert.

Vineyard Tours

Gifting Owl also boasts an incredible range of vineyard tours, if you happen to be nearby any wine regions that are definitely worth visiting with her to celebrate the occasion.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are a way of gaining some inkling into what it takes to make great food. Certainly, on Gifting Owl you’ll find cooking classes covering the great cuisines of the world - French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Greek, Japanese as well as other authentic dishes from countries across the globe. These incredible dishes may just become part of her cooking repertoire for years to come. Food Markets Food markets are captivating places to visit. Her tour guide will know all the best stalls for tasting and learning about the region’s fresh local produce. Search on Food and Drink and you’ll find a thousand different food inspired gift ideas.

Health & Beauty Experiences

So often it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves. Life is hectic and for the daily routine doesn’t allow much time for nourishing our sense of wellbeing. It might be your gift of a beauty and spa treatment that will give her the impetus to have some well-earned ‘me time’. Rejuvenate & Reinvigorate Indeed, it’s hard to miss with a gift of beauty, health and spa treatments. Pampering is joyful and indulgent. She’ll lap up every moment of a soothing Swedish massage, body wrap, facial, Vichy shower or body polish and emerge from her experience feeling relaxed, refreshed and beautiful.

Shopping through Gifting Owl's range of health & beauty experience days and gifts is the perfect way to treat her this year!

Cultural Experiences

Cultural experiences give a whole new perspective on a country and its people. If she’s planning to travel, you can search, find and book cultural experiences in one of the places she’ll be visiting. Gaining insights into how others live, their beliefs, traditions and history are a touchstone for understanding the value of diversity, more about our world, and our own place in it.


A tour into the mountains of Thailand will take her to magnificent gardens where a reclining Goddess, adorned with flowers, is the centrepiece for prayers and wishes.

Turkey & Portugal

In the ruins of an ancient Turkish city, she can learn the art of pottery or in Portugal discover the age-old art of tile painting and take a lesson to create her own unique pattern.


At the top end of Australia, she can learn how to fish, hunt and cook in the ways of the Australian Aborigine. She’ll learn about Women’s Business and sacred ceremonies of the oldest living culture on earth. Every new place is a cultural adventure and your gift will be one of her life’s most fascinating journeys.

Gifting Owl Vouchers

For those who don't have time to search for the ideal present this season, we've got you covered. And for those who have read this blog and are still perplexed as to what to give their lucky lady, a Gifting Owl voucher is the answer. Leave the decision in her hands this year, but promise her that no matter what gift she may just decide on, you can accompany her for an amazing day out filled with laughs and some much-needed one on one bonding time.

Flexible Gifting

To make matters even better, Gifting Owl e-gift cards were created to be as flexible as possible to take away all of the stress that comes along with gift-giving. Contrary to average gift vouchers, a Gifting Owl gift card has a staggering validity of three years and experiences can be swapped online completely free of charge. This is to ensure she doesn't run out of time before getting an opportunity to redeem her gift card which is too often the case with gift cards from other companies! She can redeem the value of these e-vouchers on any experience and it will be delivered instantly at any time of the day. She will never have to worry about selected days and selected dates ever again!

Perfect for Long Distance Couples

These gift vouchers are also perfect for those of you who may be involved in long-distance love but still want to show your valentine how much you really love her from across the world. You can even make a booking with her and redeem the gift card to plan a fantastic night when the two of you finally reunite. Never underestimate the power of the gift card!

Other Popular Gift Experiences For Her

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Find Her The Perfect Gift

No matter what kind of woman you may be shopping for, our incredible range of experience days available on our online store will contain numerous gifts that will suit her interests and location perfectly! From a sandwiches tea with her friends to an action-packed adventure experience, she is bound to love what you choose

Good Luck & Happy Gifting!

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