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Holiday gift cards they are bound to love! Why do so many people love to travel? Travelling is an exciting way to discover new places, people and cultures, and most importantly to have opportunities of new adventures.

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Buying for a seasoned traveller?

Free-spirited, open-minded and adventurous, travel lovers are always waiting for their next opportunity to grab their passport, pack a bag and head straight to a flight.

These globe trekkers often have a flight planned at all times. You know very well that the last thing they want to deal with on their flights is more ‘stuff’ to carry in their suitcase, so trying to find a small and lightweight gift just adds to the difficulty.

Here is where we step in. Experience gifts to the rescue. Gifting Owl offers travel gift vouchers for your adventurous friends and family.

Benefits of Experience Gifts for Travel Lovers

At Gifting Owl we believe the best gifts are feel-great, unforgettable life experiences. What travellers love the most is having amazing local experiences on holidays. Thus, a travel experience can make for the perfect gift. Here are some reasons why experience gifts make the best presents:

Why not get them a travel gift card they can use on their next adventure to book amazing experiences? These are flexible and they can choose the experience themselves. Consider them modern traveller's cheques for adventure purposes only!

It won’t take up any valuable space in their flight backpack and it will only add to their already epic around-the-world trip. Plus it's much more considerate than a lousy card with cash slipped inside that you always forget to sign. A gift card also offers more financial protection than cash or credit as its online and simply cannot be lost overseas.

Gift experiences above their travel budget

If the lucky gift-recipient is on a gap year or backpacking in their twenties, this travel gift card allows them to book that once-in-a-lifetime experience they might not otherwise be able to afford. A great gift that they can explore the world with. Perfect for any travel lover.

Whether it’s scuba diving in the Philippines or skydiving in Australia, these bucket list activity vouchers will create a memory of their travels that will far outlast that of a physical gift.

Travel vouchers for everyone

There are many travel gift vouchers to choose from with Gifting Owl vouchers so your loved one can enjoy their dream holiday trip anywhere in the world - say goodbye to flight-inclusive holidays.

Whether they want an adrenaline-filled skydive in Dubai or an authentic culinary experience in Italy, there is something for everyone! The Gifting Owl website has a wide range of experiences so you can personalise the gift to their hobbies.

Gift cards for adventurous travellers

For the adventure travellers we suggest an outdoor activity gift like a kayaking expedition, guided mountain bike tour or a multi-day remote trek that really test their adventurous spirit.

An adventure gift card from Gifting Owl will encourage them to get off the beaten track and into some of the world’s most stunning locations.

Gift cards for adrenaline junkies

For the adrenaline seekers, it’s hard to go by a skydive in an iconic destination like Dubai, or even cage diving with great white sharks!

Learn something new while abroad

Travelling is also one of the best learning experiences you can have. During holidays you are exposed to new people, cultures and places. You have more opportunities to spend time and learn new hobbies or skills.

Whether it be a surfing lesson or an authentic cooking class, our travel gift cards could help your globe-trekking best friend find their new passion.

Food and Drink Experiences

How about experience days based around food and drink? Is your loved one a foodie? They can choose an experience that will suit their hobbies. Gifting Owl has a range of food and drink experience gifts that will tantalise their taste buds. From wine tasting in the vineyards of France to exclusive dinner experiences and local food tours, give your loved ones a gift they can truly savour.

Hotel stays and getaways

Gifting Owl also has a huge range of hotel gift cards perfect for anyone who needs a long weekend away or a staycation at home. Choose from 1 or 2 night packages available and they have 3 years to book their holiday.

When the gift receiver is ready to book they can choose from thousands of possible holidays with so many hotels available. This gift is sure to put a smile on their face. Hotel gift cards allow the recipient to unwind, explore and relax. Whether they choose the UK or Paris , we have luxury hotels around the globe..

Worldwide experience gift cards at your fingertips

With experiences in over 110 countries, the traveller in your life is sure to find an experience gift card they can book on Gifting Owl. There are travel activity gifts available for every type of recipient.

Not to worry if you don’t have enough cash in the budget to splurge on the bucket list experience they have always talked about doing. Your friends and family can all contribute a Gifting Owl gift card that can be pooled together to book that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Value-based travel gift cards

If you’re unsure of what they’d like to book on their travels you can easily purchase an open-value gift card for them to choose for themselves. Save time and put the choice in their hands.

Our gift vouchers also have free exchanges, global flexibility and an expiry date of three years! That's right, these holiday vouchers are valid for not two years, but a whopping three years to ensure this person can redeem it when they please.

You can even add a special personalised message to the gift card receiver at the checkout just as you would on a physical card. The voucher is sent directly to their email online. Easy as that.

Happy Gifting!

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