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Birthday Present Ideas to Give From Self-Isolation

Birthday Present Ideas to Give From Self-Isolation

Birthdays are the number one reason why we celebrate. And celebrating means different things to different people. Some like to keep things low-key like allowing themselves a special treat - an indulgence they would otherwise say no to, perhaps a movie and dinner or a family night in. Others can’t resist the chance for something big and splashy (that would be me), a party with all their friends or multi-day celebrations with a series of planned events. 

No matter how we choose to celebrate, for most of us, it changes from year to year, but this year definitely takes the cake - literally. 

We shouldn’t let that daunt the spirits though. Social distancing makes it even more important to connect with friends and family via social media and bring in the birthday cheer even though we’re apart. All around the world people in lockdown are holding birthday parties via messenger, zoom, skype and other platforms proving you can be safe and still celebrate in style.  

However, what’s a birthday party without a birthday gift? Answer: Only half the fun. 

So, we have four quick fixes to birthday gifting that will make 2020 birthday celebrations better than ever.  

1. Long-life gifts to Amazing Adventures 

Gifting Owl gifts are valid for 3 years. You can search for the perfect gift in a destination close to home or in a country where your gift recipient is planning to visit once this pandemic is a thing of the past. 

Our gifts are delivered via SMS, Messenger or Email along with your birthday messages and wishes and can be stored and kept safe and sound until your birthday girl or boy is ready to redeem it. At that point, you may decide on joining them!  

2. Online Adventure Shopping is Easy & Fun 

To inspire you, we have 12,000+ fantastic experiences, adventures and activities to choose from in 115 countries and almost 1000 destinations across the world. That’s a lot of numbers to soak in all at once. But the point is, it doesn’t take long to find something that’s just the ticket when it comes to an adventure for your friend or family member. 

It’s a lot of fun searching for the right gift. For starters, you shop on your own terms. You can:

• Shop with the team - with a few of you chipping in you can all take a look at the great activities on offer and make a joint decision.

• Shop when you’re ready - 24/7 convenience.

• Browse at your leisure - no pressure to rush around to different places, no having to find car parking spaces. 

• Buy when the time is right - you can take as long as you like to make your decision.

• You can make a forward booking directly with the operator using their booking calendar.

• Pay with security using your credit or debit card details. 

• Have peace of mind that every purchase you make can be exchanged with any other equally priced Gifting Owl product. 

• Let your gift recipient know that if available, they can add extras or upgrade to your original gift if they wish. 

• Last but not least, you don’t have to wait to get out before you can send it.

3. Immediate Digital Gift Delivery

We love offering you a service that allows you to decide on a birthday gift in minutes and to send it to the recipient in seconds!  

4. From Vouchers to Adventures

When you simply can’t decide on a birthday gift, opt for a Gifting Owl Voucher. Our vouchers come with all the same fantastic guarantees as our experience gifts. 

The benefits of giving a gift voucher are two-way: 

1. All you need to do is fill in the amount you want to spend, write your birthday wishes and send it off in a snap. You also know that your gift recipient is getting exactly what they want.

2. Your gift recipient receives a birthday gift from you that puts a whole world of adventure at their feet. They can search and choose an experience they’ve always dreamed of having; one that will leave them with memories for a lifetime. 

We hope these quick fixes to birthday gifting have been helpful. The important thing to remember is that we are open and at your service for gifting any time day or night.

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