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The Best Christmas Gifts With International Delivery

The Best Christmas Gifts With International Delivery

Christmas time is just around the corner and as you look through the list of people you have to buy for you realise it’s going to be a lot harder this year. With your best friend in London and your sister in New York, you need to organise gifts early so it’ll arrive in time, or look for gifts with international delivery. Birthdays tend to be a bit easier with flower delivery services located almost everywhere, but having something delivered on Christmas day is no easy feat.


My family and friends are all over the world, and I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been tough trying to arrange gifts to be delivered to them in different parts of the world. It’ll come as no surprise that I’ve always been a big experience gifter. My personal favourite was giving my best friend a horse riding experience through Jurassic Park in Hawaii, something she had always wanted to do.


In this blog, we’ll list the best Christmas gifts with international, instant delivery. Even on Christmas Day if you wish! We reveal the perfect gifts and make sure that your loved ones abroad don’t have to miss out on the Christmas cheer, and you don’t have to stress about postage and making sure their gift arrives in time.


1.  Gifts for the nomad


We all have at least one friend who is never in one place for too long. They live an exciting life chasing the next adventure, making the nomad a very hard friend or family member to buy gifts for.


Let’s get one thing clear, accumulating more ‘things’ or stuff in their backpack or suitcase is the last thing they want. Not forgetting they obviously chose the nomad life because they value experiences greater than material possessions in the first place.


That’s why experience gifts are a complete no-brainer for the nomad in your life. When they’re country hopping every 5 minutes, we recommend giving a gift voucher they can use on any experience where Gifting Owl has adventures. That’s in 115 countries and over 918 destinations by the way!


2.  Gifts for the hard worker

For the go-getter in your life who is busy building their career in a new city, starting over from scratch. Whether they’re coming home for Christmas or not, an activity gift is another way for them to explore their new city.


Experiences are more than just participating in a fun tour or activity. They also provide a great opportunity to meet new people. We can all empathise with how hard it is to move to a new place where you don’t know anyone. You never know, the hard worker in your life may just help them find their people in their new home.


Whether you choose kayaking in Austin or rock climbing in Brisbane, Gifting Owl has adventures in cities all over the world. Perhaps you can surprise them with a trip to visit them, where you can enjoy the experience together. 

3.  Gifts for the whole family


If you’re reading this and really relating to the traits described in points 1 and 2, I’m guessing you’re the one who is abroad at Christmas time. You, my friend, have the toughest gift-giving mission of all. Well, that or the easiest. Depending on whether you decide to skip out on gifts and make up for it next year.


If you’re in search of an easy and quick gift to please the whole family, you’re in the right place. On Gifting Owl you can search for experience gifts by location, or choose to give gift cards to the whole family and let them choose their experience. They can decide to do something together as a family, or individually if everyone has different tastes.


Are there some little ones in the mix and you’re unsure if an experience would be suitable for kids? Well, you can relax on that score. An experience gift will far outlast the memory of another toy or gadget in 10, 20 maybe even 30 years time. See our family-friendly experiences for Christmas gifts for the whole family (kids included).


4.  Gifts for your other half


Being separated from your other half at Christmas can be hard. Whether it’s work or family commitments, you’ve found yourself searching for gifts for them to receive on the other side of the world.


It can be tempting to sneak a gift into their suitcase, but I’m sure your other half isn’t interested in carting gifts to and from their destination. We have a better idea. How about a romantic experience gift for the two of you to enjoy when you’re reunited? Something for the both of you to look forward to.

5.  Gifts for employees abroad


If you’re after a gift for your team abroad with international delivery, look no further. Experiences have so many benefits for the receiver, and also you as their employer. People who do more experiences tend to have better communication skills, are more loyal and approachable. Gifting Owl gift vouchers are a win-win for you and your team. See our latest blog post here about gifting to your staff.

6. Gifts to enjoy on their gap year  


For the family member or friend who has decided to take a gap year after high school or university and explore the world. We’re a big fan of gap years at Gifting Owl. Exploring different places, people and cultures is essential in your 20’s. You should be so proud of them for spreading their wings and jumping out of their comfort zone. 

While on their trip of a lifetime there’s no doubt that they’ll be trying to preserve cash. With that being said, they still crave authentic, memorable experiences in all the places they visit. Just when they think they can’t afford to swim with the whale sharks or go snorkelling with new friends, your Christmas experience gift will come in handy. All that’s left to do is send it to them digitally and wait for them to tell you all about it when they return. 

Last-minute gifts with instant international delivery


Experience gifts are perfect for anyone you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for. Not only do they make the best gifts, but they’re delivered instantly, no matter where the recipient is in the world.


That’s right, you can even wait until Christmas day itself to get your Christmas shopping done for your international pals. Gifting Owl gifts are delivered instantly via email, SMS or social media. If you’re more organised than that, you can schedule your gift to be sent on Christmas Day. It’ll (almost) be as good as being there to give it to them yourself.


So there you have it folks, with over 12,000 experiences in 115 countries, there is something special for everyone on Gifting Owl. Enjoy the biggest perk of all, instant and free international delivery this Christmas. No postage or shopping centre chaos. If that isn’t something to write home about, I don’t know what is. 

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