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Celebrate the engagement of your loved ones with a thoughtful experience gift certificate, ideal for making new memories as they embark upon a wonderful journey together! Choose from thousands of activities across the globe and with free delivery, an experience gift voucher is the easiest way to enjoy an unforgettable day out.

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Celebrate Engagements With Gift Experiences They'll Remember

An engagement is an exciting event in the life of a couple and their families. It’s the promise of things to come. A public gesture of a private agreement between two people that they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. What better way to celebrate than with an engagement gift that promises an adventurous and exciting start to their road ahead.

Gifting Owl has adventures for engaged couples to enjoy close to home or while they are getting away from it all with some celebratory ‘us’ time. The reassuring point of gifting for engagements is that it’s very likely your gift will appeal to both parties. Couples in love usually have interests in common. They are happy to be together, sharing experiences and adventures and creating memories that deepen their bonds and fulfil their dreams.

Romantic Gift Experiences From Above

With romance in the air, you could look to the skies for gifting inspiration. Every major city and holiday destination have helicopter rides. And they’re called joyrides for good reason. Helicopter experiences are a great way for your loved-upped couple to see the world from a whole new perspective. Whether they are doing a city circuit or tracking country hillsides and remote coastlines, they are close enough to feel like you can reach out and touch the ground do the very same to the clouds above. You can see the detail of everything. Helicopter rides are usually exclusive.

So, your engagement gift can be just the two of them, together, flying through a bright blue sky, on top of the world. Up, up and away in a beautiful balloon is one of the most romantic ways to see the world from above. Hot air ballooning happens in lots of different places.

Turkey’s Cappadocia offers must-do hot air balloon experiences your adventurous newly engaged couple will remember for a lifetime. There are several guided tours to choose from, each with a mix of inclusions and ranging from sunrise and half-day tours to 3-day getaway experiences. Most tours include the hot air balloon experience as an option, but this is one of those opportunities too good to be missed. Tours of ancient the towns of Devrent, Pasabag, Goreme that date back to the 5th century, are a captivating insight into cultural history, and the life and times of the people of that period. The extraordinary fairy chimneys of Pasabag are, again, one of those unmissable and unforgettable experiences. For foodies who love their adventure on the side, romantic sunrise hot air balloon adventures often include a sumptuous champagne breakfast. Check Gifting Owl’s hot air balloon listings for the destination, experience inclusions and booking times that will fit your newly engaged couple’s plans.

Once In A LifeTime Experience Gifts

Not all airborne adventures are romantic - if your newly engaged couple is up for some serious adrenaline pumping, high flying action, skydiving is another way they celebrate taking the plunge together. Stepping out into the unknown for a fast and furious ride to the ground is not for the faint-hearted.

Your engagement gift will be that bonding experience and story they’ll keep recalling for the rest of their lives. If you think your engagement couple might be up for the thrill of a skydive but without the plane ride, the parachute and the 14,000-foot step out, an indoor skydiving experience might be a better bet. Indoor skydiving is a fast blast to fun as your couple is airlifted for a rip-roaring ride confined inside a clear-walled cylinder.

Winery Tours

Change of pace required? There are food and drink gifts that make the perfect romantic dining experience for two. The great wine growing regions of the world are always hot spots for lovers of all ages who appreciate the finer things in life, particularly when it comes to the heavenly virtues of authentic food and locally inspired wines and beverages. Wine and food regions are infused with natural beauty - the soft watercolour hues of the fields and hillsides, morning mist in the valleys slowly lifting under the warmth of the sun - they inspire romance. Gifting Owl has many exceptional food and drink experiences to choose from, select and book.

Outdoor Adventure Gift Experiences

When you gift natural adventures, you have access to Gifting Owl’s largest choice of adventure experiences. Adventure and nature go together. Your engagement gift for that special couple can be swimming with turtles on the fringes of a coral cay, hand feeding wild dolphins on the shore of a sub-tropical resort, diving on shipwrecks, abseiling up a mountainside, hiking through vast areas of protected wilderness, across ancient ice glaciers or through a tropical jungle.

You have these and many other adventures right at your fingertips. Searching is easy and you can check live availability before you book, which is a big advantage - no need to hassle with emails and phone calls. Everything you need to know is right here. Life is one big adventure. No matter what adventure you gift to your engaged couple, it’s bound to be an enriching beginning to their lifelong adventure together.

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