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Adrenaline Thrills

Adrenaline Thrills

Are you looking for an experience that gets the heart pumping? Or you just want to try something new and exciting? This is the place for you! Gifting Owl offers many experience gifts that adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers will love. Whether it be skydiving, bungee jumping, quad biking, or jet skiing there is something that will get the attention of someone who loves living life on the edge!

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Perfect Gift Experiences For Thrill Seekers

Adrenaline junkies sit up and take note, you are in the right place! Here at Gifting Owl, we have a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities to really set your heart racing. Whether jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet or plummeting down white water in an inflatable raft - we have it all.

Skydiving Experiences

The undisputed king of adrenaline thrill experiences is arguably skydiving. Not for the faint-hearted and as you can imagine, free falling for about a minute from an aircraft at altitudes ranging from 12,000 to 14,000 feet generate an adrenaline rush unlike any other. But don’t fear that this is the limit to the kick, once the free fall has finished, the descent is just as exhilarating.

Float through the air, breathing in the spectacular landscapes beneath you, with views normally reserved for the birds. Skydiving is an activity that is now readily available all over the world - in particular through countless locations covering the length and breadth of Australia and New Zealand. State-of-the-art equipment now available makes this death-defying act extremely safe so don’t let concerns put you off giving it as a gift. This is an adrenaline thrill that has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime, the perfect gift for the young and the young at heart alike.

Bungee Jumping

Since the 1980s bungee jumping has been the most easily accessible form of getting that unmistakable adrenaline kick. Originating from the far-flung isle of Vanuatu, where the act of jumping from height while held at the ankles by vines was a rite of passage. The more modern version we see today is much safer than its origins but still offers the adrenaline thrill many desire. The highest bungee jump in the world in Macau, China, stands at 233m tall. However, the adrenaline capital of the world is considered to be Queenstown, New Zealand, where there are several adrenaline thrill options available. If you fancy something a little different to the original bungee for your giftee, you can head close by for heart-stopping action with the Nevis catapult, which shoots you 100km/h in 1.5 seconds, 150m over the Nevis Valley. 

Water Based Adrenaline Experiences

Tubing involves free riding down a river on an inflatable rubber ring. As the rapids increase your speed, you'll definitely get wet but just hope you don’t end up in the water! Tubing is a great family-friendly adrenaline activity that provides endless amounts of fun and frolic as you bump, bounce and spin your way down the course of the river carried along by the fast-flowing current. The perfect gift for any adrenaline-seeking family would be the Dunn's River Falls & Jungle River Tubing Adventure Tour.

Outdoor Adventure Experiences

If you love outdoor activities, canyoning or canyoneering is a great way to combine a variety of disciplines such as climbing, abseiling, hiking, jumping and swimming. All the while, you get to breathe in the natural landscape scaling spectacular waterfalls and scrambling through breathtaking gorges. Why not try the Cairns Crystal Canyon Adventure experience, a must-do for any adrenaline seeker visiting Tropical North Queensland?

White Water Rafting

Few activities compare to the thrill of adrenaline provided by White Water Rafting. As you traverse down through rapids, you better hold on tight or you’ll end up in the drink! But don’t worry, expert guides will help navigate you through the treacherous waters and keep you safe. Be prepared to swing and sway, duck and dive to keep the raft the right way up. White water rafting is famous the world over making that adrenaline thrill you seek probably much closer than you think. If you’re wanting to experience this electrifying activity or gift it to someone special, we suggest the River Rapids Rafting Adventure.

Jet Boating

If you want to experience thrills, spills, turns and even a little bit of sightseeing then look no further than Jet Boating. These supercharged boats travel at speeds of up to 80km/h on the water making the most of 650 horsepower twin jet power turbo engines. With only 10cm of water needed jet boats can go pretty much anywhere, making it possible to reach unique and out-of-the-way waterways and places that most of us never get the chance to experience, along with daring manoeuvres, high-speed drifts and 360-degree spins. From Sydney to Queenstown this really is an accessible adrenaline thrill adventure that the whole family will love.

Shark Cage Experiences

What would spike your adrenaline more than coming face to face with a natural-born killer? Here at Gifting Owl, we don’t think anything comes close to Shark Cage Diving, which is the perfect experience gift with a twist for your marine-loving girlfriend. Dive deep into the abyss and witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Just remember to breathe when they come to show off their razor-sharp teeth.

Driving Experiences

If your giftee considers themselves a petrolhead, why not delight their need for speed with any one of our driving experiences? We think your car-mad dad would love Drift Xpress or Drift Xtreme. These are high octane adventures that give anyone the need for speed total satisfaction. For something a little different why not push the peddle to the metal with some serious off-road high-speed action? The Dubai Dune Buggy Safari takes you across some of the best sand dunes in the world. These experiences are not just for car enthusiasts but for anyone seeking an adrenaline thrill. Giving someone an adrenaline rush for a birthday, Christmas or even engagement present is certainly something they’ll remember forever.

So, don’t hold back, and don’t be afraid to mix things up, if the person you have in mind is that way inclined an adrenaline thrill adventure is their ticket to ride!

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